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  • Farnborough International Venue & Events
    Country / Region:United Kingdom
    Address: ETPS Road Farnborough, GU14 6FD
    Area:103150 Square Meters
    Introduction:The Farnborough International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wolverhampton, UK
  • Poznan International Fair MTP
    Country / Region:poland
    Address: ul. Glogowska 14 60-734 Poznan Poland
    Area:145000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Poznan Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Poznan City, Poland. The Convention and Exhibition Center is divided into two parts: Conference Center and exhibition hall. The conference center...
  • Heilongjiang Provincial Museum
    Country / Region:China
    Address: No. 50, Hongjun street, Nangang District, Harbin
    Area:36000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Harbin Exhibition Hall is located in Harbin City, with 2000 booths and 36000 square meters of usable area.
  • Haode Trade Plaza, Kaifeng
    Country / Region:China
    Address: Jin Ming Da Dao Fu Lu, Longting District, Kaifeng City, Henan Province
    Area:250000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Kaifeng Haode Trade Plaza is a large-scale trade plaza jointly developed by Kaifeng Municipal government and Hong Kong Haode group. It is located in the south section of Jinming Avenue, the golden sec...
  • Shaanxi History Museum
    Country / Region:China
    Address: No.91, Xiaozhai East Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City
    Area:65000 Square Meters
    Introduction:The land of Sanqin is one of the important areas where the Chinese nation lives and thrives, and the Chinese civilization is born and developed. Thirteen dynasties, including Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang D...
  • Capital Museum
    Country / Region:China
    Address: No. 16 Fuxingmenwai Street, Xicheng District (near Baiyun Road)
    Area:63390 Square Meters
    Introduction:Capital Museum for short, Shoubo is a large comprehensive museum in Beijing
  • Kielce Fairground
    Country / Region:poland
    Address: Base 1 25-672 Kielce Poland
    Area:40000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Kelcai Exhibition Center is located in kelcai City, Poland, with a total construction area of 40000 square meters, including 30000 square meters of exhibition area, which can be equipped with more tha...
  • Centro Banamex, Mexico City
    Country / Region:Mexico
    Address: Conscripto 311. Colonia Lomas de Sotelo. Delegación Miguel Hidalgo. 11200. México D.F.
    Area:34000 Square Meters
    Introduction:The Centro Banamex International Convention and Exhibition Center in Mexico City is located in Mexico City. Each exhibition can accommodate 50,000 visitors and exhibitors.
  • Guangzhou International Purchasing Center
    Country / Region:China
    Address: Pazhou Avenue East, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
    Area:280000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Guangzhou international procurement center is located in the core of Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and exhibition business district, the west side of which is closely connected with Pazhou phase II exhi...
  • Nanjing International Expo Center
    Country / Region:China
    Address: 300 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
    Area:21000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Located in the center of Hexi New City, Nanjing, it is invested and built by state-owned assets management holding (Group) Co., Ltd. of Hexi New City, Nanjing. It is the masterpiece of TVs in the Unit...


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