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Dahao International Talent Recruitment

Dahao international platform has long-term recruitment of 118 film and television professionals such as director, photographer, program host, film cutter, voice dubber, etc. for Internet TV "DahaoTV. Net, China net TV, cotv" which provides global live broadcast and publicity services for the exhibition.

Other recruitment

I. Website Operation

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall operation of the platform; responsible for the systematic operation of the platform's overall planning, marketing, promotion, analysis, monitoring, etc., to improve click-through rates, page views and conversion rates, and increase the number of company inquiries.

2. Responsible for website SEO optimization, content update and information release.

3. Responsible for the operation and management of the platform.

4. Routine security maintenance, data monitoring, and problem checking to ensure the normal operation of the platform.

5. Responsible for regular analysis of data and submission of analysis reports.

Ⅱ. Partner of Exhibition City

Job Responsibilities:

Looking for exhibition cooperation and agents worldwide.

Place of work: provincial capital cities, prefecture-level cities, county-level (district) cities with strong economic strengths, and interested partners are welcome to inquire and deliver (email: 523138820@qq.com).

Ⅲ. Reserve cadres

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for gathering information on the exhibition market and exhibition business.

2. Promotion of exhibition business negotiation.

3. Assist in the implementation of exhibition services.

4. Responsible for developing new customers and maintaining old customers

Ⅳ. New media operations

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the operation of WeChat, Weibo, QQ and supporting Internet "Dahao TV" on Dahao international platforms.

V. International Exhibition Consultant

Job Responsibilities:

1. College degree or above, tourism in foreign language or foreign trade major is preferred;

2. Responsible for the promotion and sales of overseas exhibitions;

3.Inviting investment through various methods such as telephone, email or on-site visit;

4.Maintain communication with cooperating customers and establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.

Ⅵ. Exhibition Sales Assistant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the project sales supervisor to complete the follow-up and operation of the self-organized exhibition project at home and abroad, and provide planning, investment invitation, operation and service for the project;

2. Maintain real-time communication with customers, ensure good relations and maintenance with customers, and provide customers with full exhibition project service work;

3. Cooperate with sales executives to ensure basic communication and assistance with partners and overseas colleagues;

Ⅶ. Channel marketing assistant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development of marketing channels in various countries.

2. Responsible for the maintenance and management of the existing channels, and return to the prospective cooperative channel customers and potential cooperative customers in a timely manner.

Ⅷ. Exhibition sales

Job Responsibilities:

1. Effectively communicate with customers by phone, WeChat, Weibo, QQ, email to understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and complete sales performance

2. Develop new customers, maintain the business of old customers, and tap the maximum potential of customers;

3. Regularly communicate with cooperative customers and establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.

4. Assist the department in project promotion and department project operation.

5. Track and advance each project plan, find problems in time and give reasonable suggestions.

Ⅸ. Exhibition Customer Service

Job Responsibilities:

1. Post-show service work and pre-show data docking;

2. Communicate with customers by phone, QQ, email, and confirm the entry of company information, and cooperate with department heads before and after the show.

3. Understand customer needs, solve them, and keep records and reports;

4. At the end of the exhibition, responsible for producing relevant subsidy materials;

5. Responsible for the management and maintenance of customer information and the preservation of contract files;

6. Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the customer service supervisor in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Dahao International Talent

The Dahao international platform sincerely invites and welcomes talents from all over the world to join;

The Dahao international platform sincerely looks forward to your arrival, let us work together to build a better tomorrow!

Resume delivery email: 523138820 @ .com, mobile / WeChat: 15313206870

Our team slogan: Become a Dahao person, do Dahao thing!