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More than 80% of the booth sales of China International E-commerce Expo 2020, a wide range of business opportunities can not be missed!

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From April 11 to 13, 2020, Yiwu e-commerce Expo will focus on ten exhibition areas, including digital commerce, well-kno


The ancients said:"Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles.". However, there are tens of thousands of roads in the world. How to walk thousands of miles without losing your way is inseparable from the guidance of high people.


China International E-commerce fair and Digital Trade Fair"Yiwu e-commerce Expo") has gone through 9 trials and tribulations with the development of China's e-commerce industry, and will usher in the 10th grand show in Yiwu International Expo Center from April 11 to 13, 2020! At present, the booth booking of Yiwu e-commerce Expo is hot, and the overall sales have exceeded80%.


With the smooth progress of the recruitment work, the investment promotion and cooperation of all kinds of conference activities that will be presented grandly during the exhibition are also in progress. Some leading enterprises in the e-commerce industry will all appear in Yiwu e-commerce Expo.


1、 Two exhibition areas will be added,Online retailersNew retailFull coverage of industrial chain

Combined with years of exhibition experience, Yiwu e-commerce Expo starts from "new" and creates a grand e-commerce industry event with a new exhibition image. It not only has new exhibition information and new products, but also has a new team of exhibitors and updated exhibition area settings!

In 2020, Yiwu e-commerce Expo will focus on ten exhibition areas, including digital commerce, well-known e-commerce platforms, cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce service enterprises, social e-commerce / new retail, rural e-commerce, brand online goods, intelligent creativity, imported goods, covering the whole field of e-commerce industry. In form, the exhibition will be mainly accompanied by conference forums. In addition to brand online goods E-commerce platforms and financial, logistics, communication, software and other enterprises, as well as e-commerce demonstration bases, cities and enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that,In 2020, Yiwu e-commerce Expo will focus on the development of two theme exhibition areas: imported goods and intelligent creativity, focusing on the current popular industry technology and high-tech cutting-edge products.The extension of the industrial chain and the promotion of services have covered and displayed the new retail industrial chain of e-commerce in all aspects, attracting many well-known e-commerce enterprises to participate in the exhibition.


2、 Live delivery comes on the stage strongly, online RedPK brings more strength

In 2019, during the whole day of tmall's double 11, the turnover brought by Taobao live broadcast is close to 20 billion, and the turnover of more than 10 live broadcast rooms is over 100 million, once again refreshing people's views on the e-commerce industry. Live delivery will become the biggest growth point of the brand and the most potential economic model of the e-commerce industry

April 11, 2020Yiwu e-commerce Expo will usher in a different"Double Eleven"Through"Online live + offline Exhibition" combination of ways, invited Taobao, jitter, fast hand and other service agencies gathered at the scene, the anchor's live broadcast with goods, challenge a single live broadcast trading volume of 100 million yuan!


3、 At the same time, the forum upgraded, gathering industry leaders and gathering industry events

Looking at the world, focusing on Yiwu, world e-commerce ConferenceIn 2014, Yiwu e-commerce Expo has been accompanied for five years, and its industry influence and popularity are far greater than similar forums. In 2020, the world e-commerce conference will be upgraded to "Digital Trade Conference", which will appear on the stage of the digital era with a new look, gathering industry elites to discuss new opportunities and new development in the digital economy era.

In the past, the agenda or insightful dialogue at the conference was to explore the development trend of the industry, or to exchange the development experience of e-commerce of various countries, to explore the development trend of global e-commerce, or to understand the current situation of e-commerce industry of various countries in the world, and to collide with the business cooperation opportunities in the global scope. Now, it will not only focus on the e-commerce industry, but also join the digital economy and digital trade Issues and topics concerned by global economic people such as e-commerce and big data are unfolding. At present, dozens of experts, scholars and business leaders have signed up for the conference, and it is expected that the number of participants and the scale of the forum will exceed2019 world e-commerce conference.


4、 Wide audience channels, targeting more professional buyers

Worried about the effect of the exhibition?2020 Yiwu e-commerce Expo will continue to upgrade the way of audience invitation. Not only will the exhibition information spread more widely, but also the organizer has a professional invitation team, which will invite professional visitors one-on-one before the conference, accurately lock more professional buyers, and effectively be invited to visit the exhibition to ensure the number and quality of visitors.

In addition, the organizer of the Expo will continue to spread in the industry through the official website, microblog, wechat and other exhibition self-Media, as well as professional media such as industry magazines and websites, and actively cooperate and closely communicate with many associations and industrial clusters in the industry, further expand the audience channels, enhance the influence of the exhibition, and let more and more professionals The buyer knows the exhibition, understands the situation of exhibitors, and will visit"April 11-13 Yiwu e-commerce Expo" is included in the 2020 itinerary plan.

The main source of audience of Yiwu electricity Expo is: Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, many suppliers, community group buying, jitter (dithering), net red live broadcast, community electric business, entity wholesalers, agents, distributors./Distributors, entrepreneurs, import and export traders, shopping malls / supermarkets, OEM / ODM factories, college students, wechat business teams, government teams.


5、 100 professional media reports in real time

At present, 100 media cooperation of Yiwu e-commerce Expo has been fully achieved. More than 100 professional media will simultaneously report the grand occasion of the exhibition and display the image of multi industry chain in all aspects and channels.Expo 2020The official cooperation media ofCctv13, CCTV2, Zhejiang satellite TV, Qianjiang, Jinhua news comprehensive, Yiwu TV and other well-known TV stations; Dongtai daily, Huzhou daily, Jinhua Daily, Jinhua evening news, Qianjiang Evening News, Yiwu Business News, Zhejiang Daily, Zhezhong new news and other well-known paper media; Sina, Tencent, Sohu, Baidu, Netease, Fenghuang finance and economics, fast news, Oriental, today's headlines and other new media platforms, In addition, media cooperation websites include yiou.com, tradekry, yaolutong, yunlian.com, e-exhibition.com, pantao.com, China caizhao.com, jinquan.com, changxiang.com, zhongshi.com, women's clothing.com, dingdian.com, super store manager, wanmao.com, wutong.com, rongshangtianxia.com, bangyue.com, tuliu.com, home of mechatronics, taodata (seller.com), fashion onlineetc.More than 40 websites, such as the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, provincial and municipal departments of Commerce, provincial and municipal people's governments, will jointlyHand in hand, we will introduce the grand occasion of the exhibition in an all-round way, show the real-time dynamics of major exhibitors, associations and professional institutions, and expand the publicity strength and breadth of the platform.

Six.One stop procurement platform for sharing high quality exhibition resources

It is understood that Yiwu e-commerce Fair has developed into a benchmark exhibition in the field of e-commerce at home and abroad. Its exhibition scale, exhibition height, exhibition scope, exhibition effect and other indicators are far ahead of the industry e-commerce exhibition. During the exhibition, various kinds of industry information conveyed by professional groups such as government agencies and industry elites have become the wind vane for the development and operation of major e-commerce enterprises. Yiwu e-commerce Expo is not only a super large comprehensive exhibition specially built for various business spaces such as digital trade, e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce, community e-commerce, etc., but also the first choice for domestic e-commerce enterprises to participate and visit!

April 11-13, 2020, Yiwu International Expo CenterOpen six pavilions together again, break through industry barriers and share50000 square meters exhibition area, 2000+High quality domestic and foreign manufacturers, through the establishment of famous e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce, rural e-commerce, brand online goods, community e-commerce, imported goods, intelligent creativity and other ten theme exhibition areas, provide global buyers and sellers with a full range of solutions and opportunities for information exchange and sharing, and provide the industry with a one-stop procurement platform of services and overall solutions.


Seven.The 2019 Expo is well received. In 2020, we will stay in peace and set a new high

The 2019 Yiwu e-commerce Expo attracted 159505 e-commerce practitioners from 35 countries and regions to visit and negotiate on site, an increase of 5% compared with the same period last year. Among them, 66.1% of the participants were from outside Yiwu. A total of 60136 cooperation intentions were reached on site, an increase of 8.5% year on year. The number of exhibitors also reached a record high, with 1135 exhibitors from 10 countries such as the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Colombia, Brazil and 24 provinces (regions, cities) in China.

exceed50000 square meters, gathering a large number of global well-known enterprises and industry rookies such as Alibaba, Jingdong, Baidu, vipshop, Lanting Jishi, Google, Amazon, lazada, shopee, wish, Japanese GMO, jushuitan, Defoe software, Lugang group, Yunda, cross express, Jintang technology, Huadu packaging, Jiajie plastic, Lizun home textile, Jiayan daily necessities, Huiren pharmaceutical, etc To attend the exhibition.


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