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Hong Kong autumn and winter fashion show closed successfully, about 13000 buyers visited and purchased

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 18953 Editor: zixun2
Industry insiders from emerging markets were particularly enthusiastic, including urszula tomaszewska kis ł o, a Polish


The 50th Hong Kong autumn and winter fashion show, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, was successfully concluded on January 17. The four-day fashion trade exhibition was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting about 13000 buyers from 78 countries and regions.

Zhou Qiliang, vice president of Hong Kong Trade and Development Bureau, said: "the fashion industry is facing many challenges at present. The trade and Development Bureau continues to help exhibitors develop markets and reach emerging market buyers. In this fashion festival, the most buyers except Hong Kong are from mainland China, Indonesia and the United States, which shows that the purchasing intention of emerging market and mature market buyers has not decreased. Another emerging market The number of buyers in Russia has also increased significantly, which confirms that under the uncertainty of the peripheral economy, global buyers still attach importance to Hong Kong as a global fashion trade hub. "

Unlimited potential of emerging markets

In order to maintain competitiveness, industry insiders actively participated in a number of industry information exchange activities held at this fashion festival, including the seminar on "fashion trends in spring and summer 2020" hosted by fashion snoops, an international fashion consultant, and lectures on sustainable development of fashion industry, market prospects of cotton industry and the latest cotton spinning technology, etc., from emerging markets Among them, urszula tomaszewska kislao, a Polish buyer who participated in the autumn and winter fashion show in Hong Kong for the first time, runs 30 fashion stores in Poland and sells her own brand of men's and women's clothing online. She believes that the fashion festival is not only a good platform for her to understand fashion trends, but also a good platform. "I found four potential suppliers here to produce clothing or cloth, and I placed an order with a Chinese supplier for women's Outerwear for $10000 on site," she said

Flexibility of Hong Kong businessmen

In the face of the change of purchase and retail mode, the fashion industry should not only cope with the rising cost, but also face the challenge of "less single density". Igarment Co., Ltd. seizes the opportunity to develop a cloud based garment making and merchandising management system. For the first time this year, they participated in the autumn and winter fashion show in Hong Kong, promoting one-stop service for customers, and following up the whole garment making process from plate making, production to transportation "In the first two days of the exhibition, we have contacted more than 100 buyers, exhibitors and designers who are interested in the system. After the exhibition, we will arrange them to visit the factories that have adopted igarment on the spot to observe the actual operation and effectiveness of the system," said Connie Wong, marketing manager of Cheng's igarment Jos system. Due to the enthusiastic response from the buyers, we will continue to participate in the exhibition next year. "


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