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The audience pre registration system of the 4th Guangdong pump and valve exhibition is now on line

Publish Time: 2019-01-27   Hits: 38629 Editor: zixun2
On the spot of Guangdong pump and valve exhibition, the organizer examined the industry, grasped the trend, maintained i


The fourth Guangdong pump & valve exhibition will be held on April 1, 2019 in poly World Trade Expo Guangzhou. As a high-quality pump and pipe valve exhibition focusing on providing practical technology and services for the fluid transportation needs of various industries, Guangdong pump and valve exhibition, together with Guangdong water treatment exhibition in the same period, will open up the upstream and downstream of secondary water supply, sewage treatment, water supply and drainage design, membrane industry and other industries. At that time, the exhibition scale will expand to 55000 square meters, with more than 1000 exhibitors, dedicated to creating a smart water supply solution Station procurement platform.

Gathering brands to create the annual pump and valve event

Relying on the brand effect of its three exhibitions and following the brand lineup of the sister Exhibition Shanghai Pump & valve exhibition, Guangdong pump & valve exhibition has a network of global first-line pump & valve brand enterprises, and many famous brands at home and abroad, such as Dabo, tianlishi, Meibao, Nanfang, Duke, Beijing valve, have settled in one after another, gathered in Yangcheng, and brought a collection of high-quality products to detonate the venue. The exhibits cover pumps, intelligent water supply equipment, valves, pump valve supporting products, pipes and pipe fittings, actuators, motor energy saving and supporting products, etc. the organizers and the exhibitors work together to create a feast for the industry and jointly provide a one-stop procurement platform for the whole industry chain fluid transportation for all industries.

The activities are brilliant and focus on high-end industry conferences

On the spot of Guangdong pump and valve exhibition, the organizer examined the industry, grasped the trend, maintained in-depth cooperative relationship with the leaders of various industries in South China, and planned a series of theme high-end meetings on the spot. "Smart water construction and operation seminar", "the third Guangdong water supply and drainage designer conference", "urban water system development forum" and other industry conferences will be presented during the exhibition, focusing on the latest focus of the industry. We will invite a number of industry experts, such as Zhao Lijun, a master of water supply and drainage in South China, Chen Junfei, a master of municipal water supply and drainage, to give a speech and discuss them warmly Present a thought feast for the audience. At the same time, activities such as new product release and buyer matching meeting are being actively prepared.

Hand in hand with the water show of the same period to build the industry benchmark of fluid Association

Together with Guangdong water treatment exhibition held in the same period, Guangdong pump & valve exhibition brings high-quality fluid machinery event to audiences in water affairs, environmental protection, industry, construction, water conservancy, chemical industry, terminal and other industries. Through the four thematic areas of pump and pipe valve, industrial waste water treatment, membrane and water treatment, and terminal water purification, the double exhibition linkage has gathered with authoritative partners to grasp the pulse of the industry, launched nearly 50 special forums and activities, presenting the development trend and practical achievements of the fluid machinery industry to the industry.


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