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Qingdao high quality professional import industry expo 2020 opens

Publish Time: 2019-11-25   Hits: 13314 Editor: junsheng
China (Qingdao) International Import Industry Expo 2020 (qiie 2020) held by Qingdao Junsheng International Exhibition Co


Qingdao Junsheng International Exhibition Co., LtdTwo thousand and twentyChina (Qingdao) International Import Industry ExpoChina(Qingdao) International Import Industry Expo 2020AbbreviationQIIE 2020)Will beTwo thousand and twentyyearSixmonthTwenty-2TwoHeld in Qingdao World Expo City on May.


Brilliant highlights

Xiao Bian checks the inventory for you one by one!


Exhibition time:Two thousand and twentyyearSixmonthTwenty-2Twoday

Venue: Qingdao World Expo City


Qi Ye 2020Exhibition introduction

QIIEAs a high-quality import industry and trade event, all exhibitors or foreign enterprises or international brands are manufacturers or agents in China. The last exhibition attractedTwenty-one thousand and six hundredVisitors came to visit the exhibitionThirtyNational brand productsOne hundred and twenty-nineBrand enterprises participated.2020 QIIEQingdao Expo will be more professional and exciting.Two thousand and twentyThe exhibition scale will be further expanded inTwenty thousandSquare meters of exhibition area, showing high-quality brand products imported from abroad, providing an efficient business platform for brand makers, importers, manufacturers, agents, distributors and end customers. The exhibition covers imported food and beverage, imported goods, imported industrial services and other fields. It has been supported and participated by many associations, chambers of Commerce and business institutions. Exhibition to"Focus on global shared business opportunities"As the theme, relying on Qingdao's good economic, trade, geographical, resource and other advantages, it will bring the industry a new high-quality import industry trade event with more abundant content.


Qi Ye 2020Exhibition advantages

1、 Regional advantages

Focus on the most potential market in the world-China, a city with open development-Qingdao, an important economic and cultural center along the east coast of ChinaFourteenAs one of the coastal open cities, it is an important regional economic center and foreign trade port facing the world in China and is famous"Sailing capital"China is one of the cities with the largest number of large-scale events and international events. Act as"The Belt and Road Initiative"In recent years, Qingdao has made remarkable achievements in expanding opening-up and cooperation.

2、 International leading

The exhibition will attract a large number of imported brand enterprises to actively participate in and talk about business opportunities together. It is expected that there will be more thanThirtyProduct brands from countries and regions attended the conference, with exhibits covering import industries in various fields;

3、 Professional exhibition team strives to create a high-quality industry event

Professional exhibition planning elite, all-round three-dimensional publicity and promotion, professional buyers to invite, aiming to create the industry's most effective professional event, the participation of provincial associations, so that the exhibition scale and effect to a higher level.


Qi Ye 2020Value added service

One. cooperate with hundreds of offline super hotels to provide enterprises with on-site precise business communication and fast entry;

TwoOn lineB2B,B2CThe platform is a strong publicity platform for enterprises, which can display and sell products to millions of buyers when they settle in;

ThreeAssist the exhibition group enterprises to go through relevant import procedures, and arrange relevant service providers for guidance and services;

FourDevelop a whole process integrated marketing promotion plan for each exhibition group, and make the overall image and cultural publicity.


Qi Ye 2020All round media publicity

Multi media focus  Comprehensive publicity and report

The mass media participated in the whole process, making the exhibition more widely spread, more outstanding achievements, more diversified highlights and far-reaching influence through pre warming reports, centralized publicity in the middle and continuous attention in the later stage. Through television, print media, network media, new media, offline media, etc. to carry out all-round publicity and promotion.

One on one invitation from professional audience

Organize specialists to conduct one-to-one telephone invitation for industry agents, importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores, chain stores, etc. to ensure the quality of buyers.

Field visit invitation of industry cluster

Visit local industrial clusters and supermarkets on the spot, invite face-to-face, ensure publicity effect, and improve audience attendance and satisfaction.

Led by business association

Cooperate with relevant industry associations and organizations, organize relevant member enterprises to participate in the meeting to discuss procurement.

Invitation of high-end individual consumers

printingFiftyTen thousand invitation cards for target buyers in and around the city.


Qi Ye 2020Accurate direct invitation to target buyers

The main buyers include fashion consumption, import and export trading companies, food and beverage distribution enterprises, purchasers, wholesale/Agents, retail department stores, trade service providers, investors, industry associations, multinational companies, online business industry media, etc.; large and medium-sized high-end department stores in Qingdao and provincial cities; star hotels; professional audiences such as China headquarters of commercial institutions in Qingdao, overseas enterprises and commercial companies, international purchasers China procurement office, international commercial institutions, and end purchasers with purchasing power 。


Qi Ye 2020Wonderful presentation of supporting activities

During the exhibition, we will continue to hold various activities competitions, industry seminars, product launches, business supply and demand docking meetings, etcThirtyThere are high-end forums and conferences to enrich exhibition functions, enhance exhibition value and promote exhibition transactions.

Exhibition organizing committeeQingdao Junsheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Address: Qinling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao18 / F, building 3, Xiexin center, No.19




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