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"China Inspection and testing fair" is upgraded to highlight brand new image

Publish Time: 2019-01-29   Hits: 22523 Editor: zixun2
This inspection Expo will invite professional visitors in the industry through call center telephone invitation, databas


The 4th China Inspection and Testing Expo will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 3 to 5, 2019. In 2019, the inspection Expo will make important upgrades in exhibition services, concurrent forums, conference publicity and other aspects, gather scholars and industry celebrities, fully display the latest products, technologies and R & D achievements of the inspection and testing industry at home and abroad, build an innovation leading platform around the theme of "smart innovation technology, sharing the future", and highlight a new brand shape of "open, inclusive, equal and mutually beneficial" Elephant.

The brand of word-of-mouth exhibition will be launched again, and its influence will be improved again

The inspection and testing fair is an important window to display the new technology and equipment of inspection and testing in the world. It is an important stage for technical cooperation, exchange and trade between Chinese and foreign enterprises and China's inspection and testing industry. It has been successfully held for three times. Over the years, the successive inspection Expo has attracted thousands of inspection instrument and equipment enterprises around the world and relevant representatives of national inspection and testing technology, technology center, quality inspection center, key laboratories, third-party testing institutions, national quality and integrity enterprises to participate in the Expo.

Focus on innovation and safety

With the theme of "smart creation technology, sharing the future", this inspection Expo will hold international forum on innovation and development of measurement and testing technology, 2019 Forum on development and innovation of analysis and testing technology and instruments, forum on rapid inspection technology and innovation and development of food safety, and forum on high-throughput sequencing technology and application around innovation, smart creation, future and other hot spots.

On the other hand, the conference will also hold such forum activities as the introduction of "high quality grain project" of the State Food Administration, 2019 China International Food Industry Development Forum, oil and gas equipment quality, safety and inspection technology seminar, third-party inspection and quality technology forum, 2019 environmental monitoring and analysis technology seminar, etc., focusing on safety, quality, environment and other issues.


Promotion and upgrading, shaping the exhibition influence in an all-round way

This inspection Expo will invite professional visitors in the industry through call center telephone invitation, database mail, telephone, information promotion, direct mail of exhibition tickets, on-site promotion and publicity of industry exhibitions, forums, conferences and other activities. Through paper media, TV, online media, forums, online live broadcast, vertical media and other channels, we will promote the innovative and rich communication ideas and content of the exhibition, and help the inspection fair with the help of a strong all media alliance, so as to improve the influence of the exhibition in all aspects.


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