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Qingdao International Expo Center

Address:No.7-1, Wenquan 2nd Road, Wenquan Town, Jimo District, Qingdao
Area:220000 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-Qingdao City-Jimo City
Tel:0532-85058005 / 85058099


Qingdao International Expo Center is a large-scale international exhibition and Conference Center designed by NBBJ and Beijing Design Institute, and invested by Qingdao Changji Real Estate Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanshan Group, a national large-scale enterprise, with an investment of 2 billion yuan. It is located in the northeast of Laoshan mountain range, in Jimo Hot spring section of Binhai Avenue in the east of Qingdao. It is connected with Binhai Avenue in the East and West, Jimo City in the north, aoshanwan sea area in the south, and about 40 kilometers away from Qingdao municipal government. It can be directly reached by road, light rail, yacht and other transportation facilities. The transportation is very convenient in the East, West, North and south.
Qingdao International Expo Center is planned as a, B, C and four functional areas of standard pavilions, the main body of which is a single-layer steel structure design, with two main and secondary halls, ten standard pavilions and one multi-functional hall, with a total construction area of about 220000 square meters and a total exhibition area of about 180000 square meters, second only to Guangzhou Liuhua hall and Pazhou hall. The total indoor exhibition area of the Expo Center is about 120000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 6000 standard booths, the outdoor exhibition area is about 60000 square meters, and the supporting functional area is about 40000 square meters. It is currently the third largest modern international Expo Center in terms of exhibition number in China. The construction of the project was started in December 2009, and it is planned to be delivered by the end of January 2011.
As the largest International Expo Center in North China, the exhibition hall has reasonable design and multiple comprehensive functions such as exhibition, conference, business and catering. It can not only undertake large-scale industrial machinery exhibition, equipment exhibition and other professional exhibitions, but also undertake small and medium-sized high-end exhibitions such as jewelry and luxury goods, as well as forums, conferences and activities of various scales. Every day, it can Receive hundreds of thousands of visitors, form a huge flow of people and logistics system, drive the surrounding industries, and stabilize the exhibition economy.
The Expo Center and the surrounding areas of Jimo City are equipped with four-star and five-star hotels, as well as business hotels of different grades, which can receive tens of thousands of people for accommodation and dining at the same time. Large-scale commercial and leisure and entertainment facilities are available. Meanwhile, the surrounding rich geographical and cultural tourism resources provide a good business and leisure tourism environment for holding large-scale conferences and exhibitions. With the urban regulations, the With the further improvement of the planning pattern, Qingdao International Expo Center will become a unique exhibition and tourism destination in the economic circle around the sea, and play an important role in promoting the economic industry chain.
Qingdao International Expo Center not only has excellent hardware environment, but also has excellent management team. Nanshan Group, on the basis of the existing exhibition operation experience, uses the international operation mode for reference, holds an open-minded attitude of "please come in and go out", actively promotes the development of the exhibition industry, and the management team adheres to the group's development concept of "no work, first-class work, pursuit of development, never-ending", actively completes various exhibition supporting services, and opens its arms Welcome guests and friends from all over the world, and strive to offer a corporate social responsibility for regional economic development and innovation.

Exhibition hall scale
1. Standard exhibition hall
Ten single-layer standard exhibition halls with large space and no column structure provide professional and flexible control experience for exhibitors. The building area of the single Hall is about 12000 square meters, the net exhibition area is nearly 10000 square meters, and it can accommodate about 504 international standard exhibition stands. The exhibition hall is about 18 meters high, the minimum is 12 meters, and the ground load is 50kN / ㎡. At the same time, there are multiple standard entrances and exits and cargo loading and unloading ports. The standard exhibition hall also has multiple office areas, meeting rooms, reception rooms, restaurants, leisure areas and other multi-functional places to meet various office, business and leisure needs during the exhibition period.
Supporting functions of the standard exhibition hall: about 600m2 of open negotiation area, 52 m2 of high-end negotiation area, 33 m2 of organizing committee office, 278 m2 of catering area, 102 m2 of medium-sized conference room with stage, which can accommodate 50 people; about 64 m2 of small conference room, which can accommodate 35 people; 156 m2 of warehouse, service registration office, multiple small offices, convenient fast restaurants, small storage rooms, etc.
2. Main and secondary login Hall
The two main and secondary entry halls with a total area of more than 30000 square meters, equipped with international high-end central entry hall and diversified supporting service facilities, are the landmark building elements of Qingdao International Expo Center, as well as a comprehensive area integrating registration, reception, business, leisure, catering, media and other service functions, which can meet the needs of industry authorities, organizing committee, exhibition Business, audience, media and other types of use needs, to provide customers with unique charm of super perfect service.
Supporting functions of main landing Hall: about 6000 m2 of central landing hall, 100 m2 of VIP room, 475 m2 of multi-functional hall, 238m2 of large conference room, 390 m2 of open office, 313 m2 of coffee and leisure hall, 68m2 of business center, 68 m2 of general service desk, 62 m2 of organizing committee office, 63 m2 of professional registration office, 88 m2 of commodity sales area, 39 m2 of ticket center, news center, bar, fine Product exhibition area, convenient viewing area, bulk storage, etc.
Supporting functions of the landing Hall: 1640m2 open restaurant, which can accommodate 342 people; 770m2 multi-functional restaurant, 70m2 VIP private dining room, 1000m2 fast restaurant, VIP room, rest area, organizing committee office and various business offices.
3. Multifunctional hall
It has over 13000 square meters of super large building scale, about 5000 square meters of outdoor vestibule and about 8000 square meters of indoor exhibition hall, with powerful conference forum, multimedia application and Exhibition supporting functions. The museum is equipped with various types of large, medium and small conference rooms, as well as large-scale multi-functional halls that can accommodate thousands of people at the same time, and advanced video and audio facilities, which can achieve the functions of video conference, discussion report, training speech, performance activities, etc. it is the best venue for various types of conference activities such as professional meetings, high-end forums, association / Chamber of Commerce exchanges, government / enterprise meetings, etc Institute. In addition, the museum can also hold indoor sports events, public performances and small business exhibitions, small boutique exhibitions, media conferences and other diversified activities.
4. Large outdoor square
With a large-scale outdoor exhibition space of about 60000 square meters, it can meet the needs of professional conventional outdoor exhibition and display. It can also hold large-scale urban cultural activities, celebrations, public welfare performances, commercial performances, political and commercial promotion meetings, automobile test drive and other comprehensive activities. At the same time, the outdoor square is equipped with a standardized parking lot that can accommodate more than 3000 vehicles to park at the same time, providing customers with comfortable supporting traffic services.
At that time, Qingdao International Expo Center will rely on the surrounding environment to create an international exhibition stage, become an ideal place for exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences, forums, and comprehensive activities, build a new communication bridge, and add to the promotion of regional economy and Qingdao's development plan to go to the world and understand Qingdao to the world.




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