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Online Red anchor gathers PK to bring goods, and 2020 China International E-commerce Expo takes you to play~

Publish Time: 2019-12-05   Hits: 48455 Editor: ecfair2020
In 2020, the Organizing Committee of the Expo will invite Taobao, jitter, and fast hand service agencies to gather at th


Tmall in 2019In the whole day, Taobao's live broadcast brought about nearly 20 billion transactions, more than 10 live broadcast roomsforeheadBillions of billions of dollars, once again refreshing people's views on the e-commerce industry. Live broadcast with goods will become the biggest growth point of brand and the most potential economic model of e-commerce industry!Two thousand and twentyyearApril 1OneXinhua business will usher in a different"11" - China International E-commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo (Yiwu e-commerce Expo for short) launched a red live stage of social e-commerce. The organizing committee will create a "billion yuan Live Room" on the exhibition site, challenging the first day to carry out more than last year's three-day exhibition turnover!


In 2018, Yiwu e-commerce Expo has introduced a special link of "Taobao live broadcast". Through the combination of "online live broadcast + offline Exhibition", Taobao anchor (sendi, rourourou) will be invited to carry the goods live, demonstrate the steps and processes of Taobao live selling for exhibitors, and demonstrate the strength of "netred"+Live + e-commerce "newMarketing model, displaySensationStrong selling ability of live broadcast!

andIn 2020, will the Organizing Committee of the Expo "play" a little more? Young, it's going to be different! It is reported thatThe organizing committee will invite Taobao, jitter, fast hand and other service agencies to gather at the scene. Its anchor will be broadcast live with goods, challenging a single live broadcast transaction volume breaking 100 million yuan!


Recently, the professional skills needed for live broadcasting have also attracted social attention. Micro-blog topic"Should universities set up a live broadcast major?" read more than 40 million, and nearly 5000 people participated in the discussion and voting. In recent years, Yiwu vocational and Technical College of industry and Commerce has already set up live related courses, and even set up a business studio to lead college students to carry out targeted learning and practice. Luo Yonghong, who teaches live e-commerce courses at Yiwu vocational and Technical College of industry and commerce, said that Taobao anchor is a new profession with high professionalism, which requires in-depth understanding of products and new live broadcasting skills. In the tide of live e-commerce, not only young people are learning new skills, but also presidents and executives of many brands. Zhang Hongliang, general manager of e-commerce of traditional national clothing brand Senma, went to live on tmall double 11 this year. In fact, this year, more than 100 executives of well-known brands all participated in the live delivery.


As long as the enterprise has products, as long as the enterprise wants to try, as long as the enterprise wants to break through and transform, we dare"Live excellent products" will help you to bring goods on site and teach you how to build a super popular anchor hand in hand with MCN institutions! Two020yearOn April 11, Yiwu e-commerce Expo will show you the scene!


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