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2024 China Western International Power and New Energy Industry Exhibition

Publish Time: 2024-01-17   Hits: 85848 Editor: fengzemin
The exhibition is expected to have a total area of 40000 square meters, 520 exhibitors, 2000 standard booths, more than 38000 visitors, and more than 20 forums and event events......


2024 China Western International Power and New Energy Industry Exhibition
2024 Western China International Power and New Energy Industry Exhibition
Time: March 14-17, 2024
Location: Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center

The 2024 China Western International Electric Power and New Energy Industry Expo will be held from March 14th to 17th, 2024 at the Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center The theme of this exhibition is "Integrating Innovation and Empowering the Future", aiming to showcase the latest development achievements of the domestic and foreign power industry, promote exchanges and cooperation in the power industry, and provide industry insiders with an important bridge to understand industry trends, trade negotiations, and market development It is also an important bridge for the long history of the domestic power industry One of the exhibitions with great scale and brand influence, highly trusted and observed by industry insiders

Target audience:
(1) Based in Xi'an and radiating globally
This exhibition is based on the core city of the Guangzhou Plain urban agglomeration, an important central city in Western China approved by the State Council, and Xi'an, the first metropolitan area in the north to receive national level approval It high end positioning and location advantages make the exhibition an ideal place for government agencies, power regulatory departments, domestic and foreign power enterprises, financial institutions, and other units in the western region to research industry development
(2) Audience invitation
Invite leaders from governments, development and reform commissions, competent departments, scholars of the National Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, high tech enterprises, equipment manufacturers and manufacturers in Shaanxi Province, central and western provinces and cities, and countries along the Belt and Road
1. Leaders of the power and energy regulatory departments of each province and city
2. Leaders of enterprises and institutions related to the power energy industry
3. Professional associations and local government leaders are related to power energy
4. Leaders of financial, venture capital institutions, information technology, environmental protection and energy conservation, security, and logistics enterprises and institutions serving the field of power and energy
5. International electricity and energy experts, leaders of large international electricity and energy enterprises and related supporting enterprises
6. National level research institutions, research personnel from electric power energy colleges and universities, etc
7. Heads of governments and power authorities of counties along the Belt and Road

(3) High quality conferences with hot topics as the core and content as the priority
During the exhibition, special forums such as the China Electric Power Innovation and Development Summit, Smart Energy 4.0 Summit, Green Mines, and Clean Energy will be held The forums are centered around power hotspots and prioritize content quality Influential figures in the industry are specifically invited to provide exhibitors with accurate, rich, practical, and cutting edge technological achievements and experience
Exhibition scope:
1. One stop transmission and distribution equipment exhibition area: switchgear, high and low voltage complete equipment, transformers and accessories, substation equipment, power quality, filtering treatment, reactive power compensation, instruments and meters, power fittings, reactors, transformers, wires and cables, power fittings, lighting arresters, insulators, busbars, etc
2. Power Internet of Things and power data exhibition area: big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing, industrial Ethernet, power communication, machine room equipment, cabinet, satellite navigation system, and other technology applications and solutions
3. Exhibition area for hydropower equipment: hydropower stations, auxiliary equipment for power stations, water turbines and municipal equipment, dam monitoring, underwater robots, etc
4. Exhibition area for new energy generation and storage: wind power, photovoltaic solar energy, nuclear power, garage power generation, gas power generation, biomass power generation and other distributed energy generation equipment, power plant equipment and accessories, industrial electrical equipment (uninterruptible power supply, generator sets, etc.)
5. Exhibition area for electrical and manufacturing equipment: electrical equipment, power maintenance tools, data machine tools, laser cutting equipment, power accessories, insulation materials, wiring equipment, etc
6. Intelligent inspection and emergency equipment exhibition area: electric inspection robots, drones, electric engineering vehicles, high altitude operation equipment, mobile power sources, fire protection equipment, emergency lighting, personal protective equipment, safety tools, etc
7. Power Grid Dispatch Management and Intelligent Measurement Exhibition Area: Smart Electricity Meters&Ships, Data Acquisition&Management, SCADA, EMS, DMS Systems, Power Grid Dispatch Systems, Power Plant Automation, Distribution Network Automation Devices, Relay Protection Devices, Large Screen Display Systems, Power System Simulation, Visual Systems, VR, Fault Diagnosis and Self Healing Devices, etc
8. Charging Equipment Exhibition Area: Electric vehicle charging (swapping) equipment and technology such as charging guns, charging machines, charging piles, charging stations, etc
9. Other power supporting exhibition areas: building electrical and electrical devices, supporting components, materials, and production equipment for power equipment production and manufacturing
Organizing Committee of the 2024 Western Electric Power Exhibition
Phone: 021-59781615 Contact person: Li Yan 13162209353


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