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China Russia bilateral trade volume is expected to exceed 200 billion US dollars in 2025

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 48880 Editor: fengzemin
According to the statistics of China Customs, from January to November 2018, the bilateral trade volume between China an


Xu Jinli, general representative of the representative office of China International Chamber of Commerce in the Russian Federation, pointed out: "by 2025, I think it is possible for China Russia bilateral trade volume to exceed 200 billion US dollars. Because, according to the development momentum in 2018 and 2017, we can calculate that there is no big problem in breaking through 200 billion yuan, and it is possible to have large-scale project contracting projects in these years. If there are several projects like this, the trade volume will be greatly increased. "

He said that there is no doubt that the bilateral trade volume between China and Russia will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2018, which is likely to exceed this level. New trade growth points of the two countries are also emerging. First, the cooperation on access to agricultural products projects has been continuously promoted, which is outstanding. In addition, the investment and large-scale project cooperation between the two countries have led to the growth of trade between the two countries. China's investment in Russia and project contracting projects have increased. Machinery and equipment, wood processing, service trade, cross-border e-commerce, high-tech products and other fields also have great growth potential.

Xu added: "2018-2019 is the year of local cooperation and exchange between China and Russia. Under this framework, we clearly feel that in 2018, more and more economic and trade delegations from China's provinces, cities and regions visited Russia to investigate the market business environment and look for economic and trade investment partners, laying a solid foundation for the development of trade and investment cooperation between the two countries and establishing a visible prospect. ".

Russia has a lot of better technologies, such as medical treatment, agricultural irrigation and many other fields. These technologies can attract Chinese partners to land and realize it with funds. In addition, in the field of environmental protection, Russia has done a very good job. There are many places worth learning from and cooperating with Chinese counterparts.

According to the statistics of China Customs, from January to November 2018, the bilateral trade volume between China and Russia reached US $97.24 billion, a year-on-year increase of 27.8%. The trade growth rate ranks first among China's major trade partners. China continues to maintain the status of Russia's largest trade partner, and Russia is China's tenth largest trade partner. The annual bilateral trade volume of more than 100 billion US dollars has become a foregone conclusion and will reach a record high.


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