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The Hong Kong autumn and winter fashion show opened on the 14th, with 1400 exhibitors displaying fashion trends

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 45596 Editor: fengzemin
Six Hong Kong fashion designer brands will jointly present "fashion collection" and three "fashion presentations" during


The 50th Hong Kong autumn and winter fashion show, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, opened in January. The exhibition is the leading fashion purchasing platform in Asia. It was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center for four days in a row, attracting about 1400 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions to participate in the event. As the largest fashion exhibition in Asia, the exhibition attracted about 14000 buyers from 76 countries and regions to visit last year, confirming Hong Kong's important position as a purchasing hub for global fashion traders and retailers.

Zhou Qiliang, vice president of the Hong Kong Trade and Development Bureau, said: "I have come to the 50th Hong Kong fashion show this year. From being initially held in the hotel venue to becoming one of the largest fashion exhibitions in Asia, exhibitors around the fashion festival have created many important business opportunities. The fashion festival is the best platform for them to promote the latest products and provide fashion information. "

Fashion uniform and work clothes exhibition area

The exhibition is divided into several theme exhibition areas to meet the different procurement needs of the industry, including ready-made clothing, designer brands and upstream industrial raw materials, including cloth and accessories, business services and the latest technology that can be applied to fashion and garment manufacturing.

Last year's first "fashion uniforms and work clothes" exhibition area returned with great reputation. This year, there is a Hong Kong designer uniform design exhibition area, which will display the uniforms designed by Hong Kong designers Zhao Yanlun, Zheng Zhaoliang, he Kuncheng, Liang Zhenting, Zhang Lulu and Ren Minghui.  

And the world of fashion accessories is coming back again, bringing together fashion boutiques such as shoes, handbags, accessories and scarves. For the first time, the Hong Kong Footwear Association will present its latest footwear design and fashion parade at this year's exhibition. Special exhibition areas such as "fashion sportswear", "winter clothing", "wedding dress and evening dress" and "underwear and swimwear" will show the latest design in the industry. In addition, the "international fashion design world" special area displays designer works from more than 60 countries and regions.

Four performances of fashion

Six Hong Kong fashion designer brands will jointly present "fashion collection" and three "fashion presentations" during the exhibition. "Fashion collection Chen 13" by three designers - Yang Zhan, Wu Jianghua, and Li Limin hand concocted a free and independent fashion show, showing the latest series.

In addition, three new Hong Kong designers, Huang Xiaotu, Li Jukai and Guo Jiali, are responsible for the "fashion presentation". They present the latest series with theatrical fashion demonstrations and storytelling in specially arranged scenes.

Trend seminar to see fashion trend

In addition to the wonderful fashion show, many buyer forums, trend seminars and lectures on the latest production technologies held during the exhibition are effective channels for the industry to exchange and obtain the latest information. Fashion snoops, an international fashion consultant, held a seminar on "fashion trends in spring and summer 2020" on the afternoon of April 14 to analyze the trend of the coming season. Other seminars discussed issues such as rapid shoe making technology, sustainable development of fashion industry, market prospect of cotton industry and the latest cotton spinning technology, o2o retail strategy, and invited industry leaders and experts to share their insights.


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