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2021 Asian concrete World Expo
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/11/30 - 12/02 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center ChinaShanghaiPudong New Area 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Sponsor:Infman exhibition group, flooring industry branch of China Building Materials Federation, premixed mortar Professional Committee of China bulk cement promotion and Development Association
Organizer:Shanghai Yingye Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd


Founded in 1975, the world of concrete Expo in Las Vegas, USA, is sponsored by infman exhibition. After more than 40 years of accumulation and development, WOC exhibition has become a professional exhibition of global commercial concrete and masonry industry, and its brand has expanded to the United States, China, Mexico, Canada, France and India.

In November 2016, Shanghai Yingye Exhibition Co., Ltd., a joint venture between infoman exhibition and Shanghai exhibition industry exhibition, was announced to introduce the brand of "concrete World Expo" in concrete and masonry industry into China. Meanwhile, it introduced various professional categories of Las Vegas exhibition, including "Shanghai International Flooring Industry Exhibition" and "Shanghai International Exhibition" The original exhibition categories of "mortar technology and equipment exhibition" and "Shanghai international sports venue Exhibition".

World of concrete Asia, as the Asia station of "concrete World Expo" series, a well-known exhibition brand in the global concrete industry, focuses on concrete floor construction and develops towards concrete facade buildings, including building raw materials, concrete building additives, concrete building equipment, facilities and building materials and equipment, so as to create concrete buildings One stop exhibition platform for local construction industry. In order to promote the green development of construction concrete industry in Asia, it is an international and diversified exhibition platform.


General concrete:
– mixing plant
Concrete transportation: mixer, mixer, pumping equipment
- cast in place concrete: paving equipment, vibrating equipment, distributor, maintenance technology, steel fiber, steel mesh, expansion joint, etc
Precast concrete: Precast formwork, steel processing equipment, software; precast concrete products, etc
Concrete cutting equipment, crushing equipment, blasting technology, etc
- consumables: diamond rope, drill, piece
– aggregate production equipment
Mining equipment: excavation equipment, crushing equipment, vibration equipment, accessories, etc
– waste concrete recycling equipment and products
– concrete admixtures
Concrete testing instruments and equipment
Concrete reinforcement technology and equipment
– decorative concrete and pigments, etc
– permeable brick
Cement: special cement, white cement, etc

Concrete surface treatment:
– leveling equipment
– finishing equipment
– polishing equipment
– shot blasting equipment
– special coatings
– dust collection / cleaning equipment
– gadgets
– consumables

Ground system:
– floor design
– epoxy floor
– polyurethane floor
– terrazzo floor
– coil flooring
– sports floor
– cement based self leveling
– other floors

Cement based and gypsum based
– mortar: cement based mortar, gypsum based mortar, special mortar, etc
Mortar production equipment, packaging equipment, etc
– transport equipment
– spraying equipment
– mortar additives

Formwork scaffold and production equipment

Costs & Precautions

Bare ground (minimum 36 square meters)
The cost of the booth is RMB 1400 per square meter and 6% VAT is added
*Including: booth area, booth security, visitor invitation, public area cleaning, exhibition journal entry, exhibitor badge, media publicity, etc

Standard booth (minimum from 9 square meters)
The booth fee is RMB 1480 per square meter with 6% VAT
*Including: booth area, booth construction and demolition, booth enclosure, 2 spotlights, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 power socket, booth lintel, booth carpet, daily booth cleaning and security, exhibition journal entry, exhibitor badge, media publicity, etc

Seminar (30 minutes)
The cost is RMB 6000 per game, and the VAT is charged at 6%
matters needing attention
Exhibition time:
9: 00-17:00, November 30-December 1 (Tuesday to Wednesday)
9: 00-14:00, December 2 (Thursday)


  • Telephone:021-6157 3939
  • E-mail:info@wocasia.com
  • Address:9 / F, Xianlesi Plaza, 388 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai


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