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AUTO TECH 2024 · Following the trend of automotive development and empowering the automotive intelligent cockpit industry

Publish Time: 2024-01-17   Hits: 83582 Editor: fengzemin
The 2024 Guangzhou International Automobile Intelligent Cockpit Technology Exhibition will be held from May 15th to 17th, 2024 at the Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou......


The intelligent cockpit perceives the body posture, physiological status, behavioral habits, and other information of the driver and passengers, and interacts with other vehicle systems for data exchange and collaborative control, in order to achieve personalized driving experience and provide an intelligent cabin environment. With the wave of automotive intelligence, the automotive cockpit has evolved from mechanical products to intelligent products. In the future, the usage scenarios of automobiles will become more diverse and life oriented. The intelligent cockpit will evolve into the "third living space", and the automotive intelligent cockpit industry has become an important component of the automotive industry. With the continuous advancement of technology, intelligent cabins will be more widely applied and developed.

With the gradual market validation of the quality, safety, and endurance of new energy vehicle products, consumers are paying more and more attention to the entertainment, personalization, and comfort of intelligent cabins when choosing new energy vehicle products. Data shows that the global market size of the intelligent cockpit industry in 2022 is about 53.9 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 11.13%. It is expected that the market size will reach 70.8 billion US dollars by 2025, with a compound growth rate of about 10.4% from 2022 to 2025. In the domestic market, the market size of China's intelligent cockpit industry is expected to reach approximately 73.9 billion yuan in 2022. It is expected that the market size will exceed 100 billion yuan and reach 103 billion yuan by 2025, with a 5-year compound growth rate expected to reach 12.7%, higher than the global compound growth rate.

In the future, the automotive intelligent cockpit industry will present more development opportunities. With the continuous progress of automotive intelligent technology and the continuous reduction of costs, intelligent cockpits will be more widely applied. Meanwhile, intelligent cabins will become more popular. Therefore, intelligent cockpit has become one of the earliest directions for rapid development under the trend of automotive intelligence, and the market space is very broad.

In order to promote the development of the intelligent cockpit industry, the 2024 Guangzhou International Automobile Intelligent Cockpit Technology Exhibition, organized by Jia Shi Watson Exhibition in collaboration with various automobile association units, will be held from May 15 to 17, 2024 at the Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou. The exhibition belongs to the AUTO TECH exhibition series, and the exhibits cover technology products such as intelligent cockpit domain controllers, cockpit chips, in car displays, human-computer interaction, operating systems, and innovative interior technologies, Building a business exhibition platform that integrates product display and technical exchange for professionals in the intelligent cockpit industry; At that time, we welcome colleagues from the automotive industry to come to the scene and discuss new trends in industry development together.


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