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The 4th China Private Domain Leaders Conference in 2024

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2024The 4th China Private Domain Leaders Conference

The 18th Shanghai International New Retail Community Community Group Buying Expo

Live streaming+graphic and text delivery for one piece consignment exhibition

Time: April 22-23, 2024 Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center

Exhibition Introduction:

The Fourth China Private Domain Group Leaders Conference and the 18th Shanghai International New Retail Community Group Buying Expo will be held from April 22 to 23 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. The previous exhibition received strong support from nearly 600 exhibitors, including Yihai Kerry, Wangwang Group, Qiaqia Food, Guangming Group, Sanqiang Group, Hongdou Group, Qingdao Beer, Bohai Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., Miaocheng Health, Hexian Food, and Mingguang City Exhibition Group. Bringing together over 1000 first-hand supply brands from across the country, more than 260 experts from the group buying field gathered on-site to share their insights at the "Third China Private Domain Group Leaders Conference", "Video Number Summit", and "Shanghai Community Group Buying High Quality Development Forum". Nearly 40000+professional visitors attended the event for exchange and negotiation. The sponsor invited 31028 leaders from 30000 channels, more than 2000 leaders from all over the country, such as Top Leader of Express Group, Top Leader of LinkedIn Group, Leader of Private Domain Platform, Leader of Community Group Purchase, Leader of Live Broadcast, Leader of Video Number Delivery, Leader of Small and Medium Sized Groups, platform executives in fields such as Tiktok Live, KOL, supermarket, platform, supply chain, representatives of local governments A hundred well-known media professionals and brand entrepreneurs attended the conference to exchange ideas and negotiate, as well as to observe and select products.


Manufacturers, brand owners, large contractors, channel agents, traders, cross-border e-commerce, etc;

First hand supply chain:

The supply chain includes drainage products, maternal and child clothing, daily necessities, internet celebrity snacks, clothing and apparel, beauty and skincare, fruit and fresh produce, small household appliances, underwear and home clothing, home textile, gift, daily necessities, and full category supply chains;

Audience invitation:

The head of Kuaiyuantuan Top, the head of Qunlianlong Top, the head of community group buying group, the head of Baoma Group, the head of WeChat business group, the head of group buying group, the anchor of Tiktok, the anchor with goods, the anchor of Kwai, the anchor of video number, MCN institutions, Xiaohong Bookstore, WeChat shop, Youzan, e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce, private e-commerce We Media, supply chain, business supermarket, property, community convenience store, group store, new retail of WeChat business, WeChat shop, we media official account Community group buying platforms, social e-commerce platforms, private domain e-commerce, etc.

Host organization:

Guiding unit: China Internet Association Application and Innovation Working Committee

Organizer: Shanghai Pudong New Area E-commerce Industry Association

Shanghai Shengge Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

Co organizers: Shanghai Community Group Buying Alliance, Linqu, Food Network, International Community Alliance, Xige Culture, Jigong Enterprise, Wukong Home Private Domain Club, Peking University E-commerce Research Group

Exhibition scope:

Internet celebrity food and explosive productsFresh ingredients, food and beverages, alcoholic beverages, frozen products, aquatic products, ready to eat, frozen products, dairy products, eggs, seasonings, fruits and vegetables, snacks, maternal and child food, grains and oils, grains and cereals, mineral water, etc;

Big Health:Functional foods, nutritional health products, beauty drinks, probiotics, health foods, medicinal and food homologous products, OEM/ODM, etc;

Clothing and apparelClothing, home wear, underwear, sportswear, swimwear, casual wear, children's clothing, shoes and hats, socks, scarves, gloves, etc;

Home Department Store:Beauty and personal care, home cleaning, bedding, kitchen supplies, personal care products, mother and baby products, wet wipes, face towels, small household appliances, children's books, early education, accessories, etc;

Home Gifts:Organic food gift boxes, green food gift boxes, gift cards, craft gifts, tableware, ceramics, cups and kettles, luggage and leather goods, small appliances, home decoration paintings, packaging;

Thousand Counties and Ten Thousand Products:Famous agricultural specialties, pre made dishes, time-honored brands, geographical indication products, etc;

Community group buying platform and software servicesAI live streaming digital humans, community post station equipment, intelligent express cabinets, etc;

Exhibition fees:

Standard booth (note: double-sided open booth will incur an additional 10% fee)

Domestic enterprises: 14600 RMB/piece/exhibition period

Luxury standard booth: RMB 18800 per booth/exhibition period

Each standard booth covers an area of 9 square meters, including three side panels, company lintels, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, one 220V/5A power socket, booth carpeting, 24-hour cleaning, and security.

Indoor lighting (note: minimum rent of 36 square meters, only exhibition space provided, no facilities included.)

Domestic enterprises: 1100 RMB/square meter/exhibition period

Advertising in the conference magazine: (RMB)

□ Cover: 30000 yuan □ Back cover: 25000 yuan □ Black and white full page: 5000 yuan

□ Cover two: 20000 yuan □ Color full page: 8000 yuan □ Cover three: 15000 yuan

Other advertisements: (RMB)

□ Breast badge: 50000 yuan □ Sling rope: 20000 yuan □ Entrance gate advertising at the exhibition hall: 50000 yuan/piece

□ Billboard 30000 yuan (3M * 4M at the entrance of the exhibition hall) □ Advertising on the back of the handbag: 40000 yuan/10000 yuan

□ Advertisement on the back of the visiting voucher for 50000 yuan/100000 copies

Exhibition procedures:

1. Fill out the application form and fax it to the organizational unit; The principle of booth allocation is "apply first, pay first, and arrange first",

2. Apply for a booth and pay the exhibition fee to the organizing unit on the same day

3. After remitting various fees, exhibitors should send the bank remittance receipt to the organizing unit;

4. After receiving the booth fees, the organizing unit shall send the "Exhibition Handbook" to the exhibitors one month before the start of the exhibition;


The information on this site comes from the network and related members, and the website has done its duty to review it.Due to the uncontrollability of the exhibition process, some of the exhibition information inside the station may change the theme, postponed or canceled the event, please exhibitors and visitors must verify with the other party before the exhibition!All the exhibitions in this site are not hosted / co-organized or organized, if there are any disputes during the exhibition, please hold the main responsibility of the exhibition organization! QQ Email: 523138820@qq.com WeChat: 523138820 Mobile: 15313206870

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