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The 2024 World Robotics Conference will be held in Beijing in August

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The World Robotics Conference is an international event in the field of robotics, approved by the State Council and hosted by the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Industry and In...


2024World Robotics Conference (Beijing) Expo

The World Robotics Conference was approved by the State Council,Hosted by the Beijing Municipal People's Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and China Association for Science and Technology,An international event in the field of robotics organized by the China Electronics Society and other organizations. The conference received warm care and careful guidance from comrades from the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Since the World Robotics Conference2015Eight sessions have been successfully held since the beginning of the year,The conference integrates three major sections: forums, expos, and competitions, as well as a series of supporting activities,It is the largest, highest specification, and most diverse international robot event in China,Becoming an important bridge and link for integrating technology and industry, promoting research and application, and communicating China and the world.

2024The World Robotics Conference8The month will be held in Beijing, and this conference has four major sections: forums, expos, competitions, and themed activities. The forum is hosted by5The God's Forum20Composed of multiple thematic forums and opening and closing ceremonies. Expo according to“3+C”System layout:“3”It is the three major exhibition areas for industrial robots, service robots, and special robots“C”It is an innovation exhibition area that focuses on showcasing cutting-edge achievements and new products in logistics robots, drones, robot bodies, key components, upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and related fields. Over a hundred enterprises and research institutions bring together500Multiple products exhibited. The robot competition includes a collaborative robot challengeBCIBrain controlled robot competition, robot application competition, and youth robot design competition4About a thousand participants participated in the competition on-site. The conference invited renowned global enterprises, universities, and research institutions in the field of robotics to showcase new scientific research achievements, application products, and solutions in the field of robotics worldwide, providing an international industry exchange platform for China's robotics industry. The exhibition area of this year will reach50000Square meters.


Main activities of the conference:

2024The World Robotics Congress has four major sections: forums, expos, competitions, and themed activities;The content covers global robot industry policy and strategic planning, the latest research progress in academia, cutting-edge application exploration, technology direction release, industry development blueprint, etc. It will comprehensively showcase the application and research results of the robot industry, and jointly explore the evolution pattern of the robot and human industry under the trend of artificial intelligence with global elites.

Forum:5The God's Forum20Other themed forums, opening and closing ceremonies;

Expo:5Exhibition area of 10000 square meters, including industrial robots, service robots, artificial intelligence, etc;

Competition: China Drone Open FinalsBCIBrain controlled robot competitions, combat robot competitions, etc;

Theme activities: Technology Trend Release Conference, Robot Micro Film Selection, Robot Shopping Festival, etc.

Exhibition time:2024year8month15day-8month19day

Exhibition Hall: Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition address: Rongchang East Street, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing6Number

Organizational structure:


Beijing Municipal People's Government

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

China Association for Science and Technology

Undertaking unit:

China Electronics Society

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee

International support agencies:IEEESociety for Robotics and Automation, International Foundation for Robotics Research, American Robotics Industry Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Agency for Science and Technology Revitalization, Japanese Robotics Society, Russian Robotics Association, Russian Industrial Internet Association, British Engineering and Technology Society, Italian Robotics and Automation Association, Korean Robotics Society, Israel Robotics Association, Singapore Robotics Society



Exhibition content

1Industrial robots and their applications and solutions: industrial robot bodies, multi degree of freedom robots, parallel robots, coordinate robots, gantry robots, industrial robot products and solutions for industrial application fields; Industrial robot development platform and software technology, operating system, and development platform; Testing technology and equipment, application software, functional components and key components of industrial robots, servo systems, controllers, reducers, sensors, machine vision systems, tools and fixturesAGVRail cars, etc.

2Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Applications: Laser Manufacturing and3DPrinting, digital workshop and intelligent factory, intelligent factory simulation technology.

3Service robots: educational robots, household robots, entertainment robots, medical robots, environmental robots, biomimetic robots, etc.

4Special robots: underwater robots, firefighting robots, space robots, engineering robots, agricultural robots, explosion-proof mine clearance robots, rescue robots, etc.

5Exhibition area for intelligent transportation systems: intelligent driving systems, LiDARVR/ARProduct.

6Future Life Pavilion: Smart City, Smart Home Products, Smart Hardware, Remote Control Platform.

7Excellent robots and innovative applications: start-up robot enterprises, excellent creative solutions.


Exhibition Liaison of the Organizing Committee of the World Robotics Conference

Contact person: Xu XinjianMobile phone:15800367175(Same WeChat account)



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