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How does China's independent air conditioning brand of "American Refrigeration Exhibition" go global?

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 3816223 Editor: zixun1
Taking the F series air conditioners on display in Shanghai, American Refrigeration Exhibition as an example, it is the


From January 14 to 16, 2019, AhR Expo was held in Atlanta. It is understood that the exhibition attracted more than 60000 participants and more than 2000 enterprises, including many Chinese air conditioning enterprises.

It is not hard to see from the frequent appearance of Chinese Air Conditioning brands in the Refrigeration Exhibition in the United States that the expansion of the international market has become one of the important paths for China's air conditioning enterprises to scale up. Haier, Gree and other enterprises have put the expansion of overseas market into their own development strategy. Although in the future, the competition in the domestic market is still the focus of the global air-conditioning industry, but the trend of globalization is also impacting the competition pattern of China's air-conditioning market, and some of the changes in demand has become the motivation for the change of the competition pattern.

Taking the F series air conditioners on display in Shanghai, American Refrigeration Exhibition as an example, it is the result of iteration based on the characteristics of large regional span and diverse climate in American market. The product can realize ultra-low temperature heating at - 35 ℃ and self-cleaning function. In the extremely cold northeast of the United States in winter, F series air conditioners can realize ultra-low temperature heating at - 30 ℃; in the hot and humid southeast, its self-cleaning function can also solve the secondary pollution caused by dirty air conditioners. In addition, in view of the current situation of the United States intelligent air conditioning industry, which is single and hard to connect, Haier also brings Ge appliances on the scene of AHR Expo, and combines the air conditioning, split machine and intelligent window machine of Tianxi to form an intelligent interactive area to provide users with intelligent and healthy air experience.

Generally speaking, the global development of China's air conditioning industry has become a foregone conclusion. At the same time, in addition to the normal export volume expansion, the globalization of independent brands, technology research and development, and user-oriented globalization are leading the evolution of the overseas market competition pattern of Chinese enterprises. It's a blessing for made in China.


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