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The 7th China (India) electronic consumption exhibition in 2019
Industry: Communications / Electronics
Time: 2019/12/11 - 12/13 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia India International Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India AsiaIndia NSE Nesco Complex Off Western Express Highway Goregaon East, Mumbai
Sponsor:Shenzhen miolante International Exhibition Co., Ltd


The 7th China (India) electronic consumption exhibition in 2019
Capital: New Delhi
Major cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, etc
Population: 1.47 billion (2017)
Land area: 2.98 million square kilometers
GDP: US $3.264 trillion (international exchange rate, 2017)

[time]: December 11-december 13, 2019
[location]: Mumbai International Exhibition Center
Jointly sponsored by: Wenzhou Municipal People's government, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, Hangzhou Municipal People's government, Henan Provincial Council for the promotion of international trade, Ningbo Municipal Commission of Commerce, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Weifang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Langfang municipal Bureau of Commerce, Danyang Municipal Council for the promotion of international trade, business exhibition center of Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Tianjin Council for the promotion of international trade
[organizer]: Mirant International Exhibition (Stock Code: 831822)
[media support]: First Finance (strategic media partner)
[scope of exhibits]:
Communication and peripheral products
Mobile phone, smart wearable device, mobile phone charger, mobile phone protection case, mobile phone accessories such as headset, charging line, etc
Computer system and surroundings
Computer, mouse, keyboard, power cable, etc
Car Kit
Car navigation, car charger, car audio, car Bluetooth, car DVD, etc
Video games and others
Game consoles, digital products such as digital cameras, audio systems, electronic components, testing and measuring instruments and other products

Strong growth potential
In the next 20 years, India's GDP will maintain a stable growth trend of 8 × simple × HTML × DOM × voku × percent
As China's economic growth slows down, India maintains an average GDP growth rate of 8 × simple × HTML × DOM × voku × percent × every year, which is as stable as Brazil's, but the annual growth rate is greater than Brazil's.

With the increase of disposable income, the demand of Indian consumers for electronic products such as high-end TV, mobile phones and computers also increased significantly. In 2020, the scale of India's electronic products market is estimated to reach 400 billion US dollars, but the production volume is in short supply. As high as 74 billion yuan of simple HTML DOM voku percent electronic products must be imported. In 2017-2020, the CAGR of domestic electronic product demand in India is as high as 41 ﹐ simple ﹐ HTML ﹐ DOM ﹐ voku ﹐ percent ﹐ and India will become the fastest-growing it and hardware equipment market in Asia.

[contact information]: Miss Zheng 13923417006 / QQ 747639753
[exhibition fee]:
Booth fee: 35800 / 9m2
Price of bare land: 3500 / m2 (from 36m2)
Single exhibition staff fee: 19800 / person
Comprehensive organization registration fee: 3000


Costs & Precautions


  • Company:Shenzhen miolante International Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Truename:Miss Zheng
  • Mobile:13923417006
  • E-mail:747639753@qq.com
  • QQ:747639753
  • Address:Bantian metro exit, Longgang District, Shenzhen


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