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Four reasons tell you why China Die Casting Exhibition is worth attending?

Publish Time: 2019-01-29   Hits: 50160 Editor: zixun2
China diecasting 2019 is an ideal platform for exhibitors to find important customer groups and establish new business c


China diecasting exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 17 to 19, 2019. At that time, the exhibition area will reach 36900 square meters, the largest in several previous exhibitions. The three theme pavilions will gather more than 500 exhibitors at home and abroad, and are expected to attract more than 20000 professional visitors.

1、 Display the whole industrial chain of die casting and release the innovative solution of production process

China Die Casting Exhibition collects die-casting factories and their peripheral equipment, materials, accessories and service suppliers, including die-casting machine, low-pressure differential press, peripheral automatic equipment, smelting equipment, casting post-processing equipment and technology, die-casting mold, raw and auxiliary materials, testing instruments, simulation software, rapid prototyping, etc.

China Die Casting Exhibition strives to be at the forefront of the industry. Through exhibits and more than 10 on-site special forums, it publishes and displays innovative and industry focused hot spot solutions in the die casting production process: structure die casting technology, green environmental protection production technology, intelligent manufacturing scheme, digital chemical plant, CNC machine tool, semi-solid die casting technology, magnesium alloy casting technology, etc Topic, optimize process flow, improve energy efficiency.

2、 Gathering advanced die casting and discussing the hot trend of application field

In 2019, it is estimated that nearly 100 die-casting enterprises will exhibit advanced aluminum magnesium zinc die-casting, and more than 70 die-casting factories will exhibit more than 140 castings from automotive, electronic communication, electromechanical instruments, construction hardware, electric tools and other application fields at the brand event "global high quality die-casting selection and non-ferrous casting Exhibition". Purchasers, quality engineers and R & D engineers in the application field gathered in the exhibition to discuss the hot development trends of lightweight, electric vehicles, 3C products and 5g base stations together with die-casting factories and non-ferrous foundry factories.

3、 Invite professional audience in die casting field to improve matching efficiency between exhibitors and procurement

China diecasting 2019 is an ideal platform for exhibitors to find important customer groups and establish new business contacts. In 2018, 90% of 414 exhibitors confirmed that they found the main target group at the exhibition. In the early stage of 2019, there will be a professional team to invite important buyers and professional visitors through various ways, design special tour routes, provide professional tour guides, and improve the matching efficiency between exhibitors and purchasers.

4、 Meticulous service for exhibitors to improve customers' participation experience

Professional and meticulous service modes such as exhibitor service letter, market promotion guide, on-site activity reminder, exhibitor manual, on-site construction support, on-site service of the exhibition, etc. can save time and cost for exhibitors, so as to focus on the exhibition and participate in the exhibition efficiently.


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