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2020 the 6th Wuhan international advanced automobile manufacturing technology and assembly automation exhibition settled in Jiangcheng Wuhan

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The 6th Wuhan international advanced automobile manufacturing technology and assembly automation exhibition (AMC), hoste


ByBy the end of 2016, there were more than 1400 Enterprises above Designated Size in the automobile industry of Hubei Province, including 23 vehicle enterprises, 75 Refitting Vehicle enterprises, 1300 parts enterprises, with total assets of more than 550 billion yuan. It has formed the industrial pattern of Wuhan passenger vehicle manufacturing base, Shiyan medium and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturing base, Xiangyang light vehicle and engine manufacturing base. Wuhan is the headquarters and R & D center of Dongfeng Motor Group, which gathers a large number of omes SAIC GM, Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Renault, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng aeolian, BYD, etc., and many first-class parts suppliers of the world's top 500 and China's top 500 enterprises have also set up factories in Han: getrak, Delphi, Valeo, SDC, Honeywell, Visteon , Wanxiang, etc.


Chongqing is the only car in China with annual output exceedingIn 2016, the output value of Chongqing automobile manufacturing industry is expected to exceed 538 billion yuan, an increase of about 11.4% year on year. Chongqing has become a city of automobiles. Chongqing is also the headquarters of Chang'an group and the location of Chang'an Research Institute, gathering a large number of OEMs, such as Chang'an, Chang'an Ford, Chang'an Suzuki, Beijing Hyundai, BAIC Yinxiang, Weichai, Lifan, etc.


There are more than 100 automobile and parts manufacturing enterprises in Sichuan Province. FAW Volkswagen, FAW Toyota, FAW Citroen, Geely, Volvo and many other well-known automobile enterprises and major projects have settled in Sichuan, and a large number of core parts enterprises have gathered in Sichuan. In SichuanDuring the 13th five year plan, the development plan of the automobile industry mentioned that by 2020, the automobile production capacity of Sichuan Province will be increased from 2 million to 4 million, focusing on strengthening 10 automobile enterprises and more than 800 parts and components enterprises, promoting the output value of Sichuan automobile industry to exceed 600 billion yuan, and building Chengdu into an international automobile city.



With the continuous development of automobile manufacturing industry in the central and western regions, the 6th Wuhan international advanced automobile manufacturing technology and Assembly Automation Exhibition hosted by Watson Exhibition(AMC) will continue to be held in Wuhan, Jiangcheng from May 7 to 9, 2020. This exhibition focuses on automobile manufacturing engineering and serves the automobile industry in the central and western regions. Adhering to the excellent tradition of 405 enterprises participating in the last exhibition and 18614 visitors, 96% of the visitors are from the main engine plant / auto parts manufacturer, presenting a comprehensive system integration solution in the field of automobile engineering. Focus on the latest technology and products in the field of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and parts manufacturing! At the same time, the 7th China International Automobile Technology Exhibition will be held! For details, please click www.automcexpo.com, Tel: 027-8421 8603,027-8421 Eighty-sixThirty-six


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