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The 2024 Salt Expo will be held in Shandong in May

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The 2024 China Salt Industry Full Industry Chain Expo (CSIE) is hosted by the China Salt Industry Association and the Light Industry Exhibition Center, with the theme of "Pursuing a Healthy Life and S...


2024China Salt Industry Full Industry Chain Expo

2024China Salt Industry Full Industry Chain Expo(2024 CSIE)Hosted by the China Salt Industry Association and the Light Industry Exhibition Center, with the theme of "Pursuing a Healthy Life and Sharing a Better Future of Salt", and focusing on innovation, efficiency, safety, and low-carbon, we aim to build a platform for showcasing, exchanging, and trading the entire upstream and downstream industry chain of the salt industry, aiming to enhance the modernization level of the supply chain, promote industrial integration and economic and trade cooperation, and assist in the high-quality development of the salt industry, To meet the growing needs of the people for a better life.

Salt is a necessity for people's lives and a fundamental raw material for the chemical industry, playing an important role in the national economy and social development. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the development of China's salt industry grew rapidly along with the process of socialist industrialization, achieving tremendous achievements. from2005Since the beginning of this year, China has become the world's largest salt producing and consuming country, with China's salt production accounting for approximately half of the world's salt production32%The proportions of sea salt, well mineral salt, and lake salt are respectively29%57%and14%.2016In, the State Council issued the "Salt Industry System Reform Plan", which stimulated the market vitality of designated salt production and wholesale enterprises, promoted enterprises to actively carry out production and business activities of increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands, and developed salt production and operation towards "natural green, ecological health, and functional refinement". During the 14th Five Year Plan period, the internal and external environment for the development of the salt industry has changed, influenced by both international market demand and urgent requirements for building a new development pattern domestically. Transforming and upgrading to achieve high-quality development has become a key task for the salt industry.

Exhibition time:2024year5month10day-12day

Exhibition Hall: Yantai International Expo Center

Venue: Gangcheng East Street, Laishan District, Yantai City309Number

Hosted by: China Salt Industry Association and Light Industry Exhibition Center


[Exhibition Highlights]

2024Exhibition scale of China Salt Industry Full Industry Chain Expo20000Square meters, expected to attract500More than ten salt industry enterprises participated in the exhibition, exceeding30Visiting countries and regions for procurement. This exhibition integrates product display, procurement docking, trade matching, summit forum, and policy release functions, aiming to maximize the value of the exhibition platform and achieve precise docking between salt production enterprises, channel providers, purchasers, and various supply chain enterprises.

Industry Brand Event A comprehensive exhibition of the entire salt industry chain

The exhibition scale of this year's Salt Expo20000Square meters, accommodating500Yujia Salt Industry Chain Enterprises Exhibited, Attracting More than30Visiting countries and regions for procurement.

Innovation exchange platform Frontier Vanguard of Salt Industry Technology

Integrating the release, display, and exchange of new technologies and achievements throughout the entire salt industry chain, obtaining the latest technological information and trends in the industry, grasping the development trend of the salt industry, and discovering market opportunities.

Supply and demand service platform Efficient and Convenient Procurement Connection for Salt Enterprises

Special procurement docking for enterprises in the salt industry chain, tailoring "one-on-one" and "one to many" business negotiation scenarios for participating supply and demand parties.

Authoritative publishing platform High quality development of industry university research cohesion

Collaborate with industry associations, chambers of commerce, and research institutions to release policy guidelines, trend outlook, and achievement reports on the salt industry, focusing on the smart salt industry and promoting high-quality development.

Promotion platform A Hundred Media Focuses on the Salt Industry Summit

Collaborate with hundreds of media platforms to achieve comprehensive, diversified, and three-dimensional integration of central media, industry mainstream, well-known websites, self media matrix, and new media, and create a comprehensive promotion matrix for the Salt Expo, achieving high-quality and high-density brand display and dissemination.


Audience invitation:

This year's Salt Expo will target targeted invitations, expand the procurement field, and meet the specialized and cutting-edge needs of exhibitors. Mainly including:

Salt production technology and equipment units and enterprises such as salt industry groups, local industry associations, business associations, and countries related to the the Belt and Road, distributors, agents, importers, downstream distributors, engineering technicians of specialized agencies, experts and scholars related to research institutes, universities, scientific research institutions, and digital service institutions all over the country;

Hotel catering institutions, high-end restaurants, star rated hotel supermarket systems, convenience stores, e-commerce, chain supermarkets, and large-scale wholesale markets;

Food production enterprises engaged in food, seasoning, food additives, food ingredients, snack food, soy sauce, grain and oil processing, meat products, and other food products;

Industrial salt enterprises such as road cleaning companies, sewage treatment plants, pulp and paper industries, fertilizer production plants, plastic manufacturing plants, metal processing plants, chemical plants, food processing enterprises, petrochemical enterprises, metallurgical enterprises, water treatment enterprises, glass manufacturing enterprises, printing and dyeing enterprises, and road cleaning companies;

Beauty institutions, bathing and health careSPASalt companies specializing in daily chemical products such as hydrotherapy and clothing care.




Exhibition scope:

1Salt products: edible salt (basic salt, mid to high end salt, and multiple varieties of edible salt)Seaweed iodine salt, low sodium salt, potassium free low sodium salt, bamboo saltIndustrial salt (industrial raw salt, anhydrous sodium sulfate, soda ash, phosphate, etc.), daily chemical salt (washing salt, hot compress salt, bath salt, mouthwash salt, liquid salt, etc.), health salt (beauty salt, bath salt, salt therapy, etc.), livestock salt, and various business productsSeawater aquaculture shrimp, sea cucumber, etc., and aquaculture products;

2Salt making machinery and equipment: Salt making technology and process equipmentMVRVarious valves, salt collection machinery for sea salt lakes, automated equipment for plastic tarpaulin collection and release, and materials for accessory facilities;

3Packaging materials and equipment for salt products: packaging machinery, filling machinery, quantitative weighing packaging machinery, labeling machinery, coding machines, inkjet machines, sealing machinery, printing machinery, composite plastic packaging, soft packaging, three side sealing bags, self-supporting bags, vacuum packaging, etc;

4Smart Salt Industry: Salt quality testing instruments, IoT sensors, visual monitoring systems, robotics technology, industrial automation, industrial automation information technology and software services, etc;

5Logistics warehousing: room temperature warehousing, low-temperature warehousing, e-commerce warehousing, cold chain logistics, road transportation, etc;

6Salt handicrafts and artworks: Salt lamps, salt stone paintings, salt stone carvings, salt bottles, salt picture albums, salt candlesticks and other salt cultural handicrafts;

7Salt and the ocean: marine engineering equipment, marine new materials, marine food, and marine new energy;

8Salt culture: salt related history, geography, architecture, culture, folk customs, traditional skills, salt and health, etc;

9Food and Beverage: Tea, alcohol and beverages, seasonings, pre made dishes, etc.

 2024Exhibition Liaison of the Organizing Committee of the Salt Expo:

Contact person: Xu Xinjian

electricWords:15800367175(Same WeChat account)


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