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2019 West Africa Ghana International Agricultural Food Exhibition
Industry: Food / Beverage / Wine
Time: 2019/11/19 - 11/21 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Ghana · Africa AfricaGarner Accra
Sponsor:Hangzhou Dingxin Exhibition Co., Ltd


Exhibition content:
Food, beverages and ingredients: aquatic products, seafood, baked goods, snacks, drinks, convenience foods, organic foods, specialty foods, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, food ingredients and raw materials; food additives; flavors and fragrances, protein, flavoring agents, soybean products, starch and its products, emulsifiers, fiber foods, Acidifiers, amino acids and derivatives, and anti Oxidants, etc.

★ food processing machinery packaging Hall: food processing machinery, packaging equipment, restaurant and bar equipment, baking equipment, hotel information system, retail technology, dairy machinery, ventilation, air conditioning and heating technology, refrigeration device, hotel supplies and service equipment, automatic sales and ingredients equipment, refrigeration equipment and technology.

★ agricultural machinery hall: modern irrigation system, deep water system, greenhouse and greenhouse system, agricultural machinery, food processing machinery, seed, grinding and mixing device, seeder, crop harvesting machinery, poultry equipment, stabilization device, feeding equipment, milk processing device, agricultural medicine, pesticide, fertilizer, fish breeding equipment, livestock breeding technology, veterinary syringe, animal husbandry Product processing machinery, analysis and configuration, etc.
Exhibition introduction:
In view of the booming development of relevant industries in West Africa, the growing demand and the importance of the market, Fairtrade held the 2013 Ghana Agricultural Food Exhibition & plastic printing and packaging exhibition. According to vdmn data of German Engineering Association, from 2010 to 2012, the import of food processing and packaging machinery in West Africa reached 341 million to 567 million euros, an increase of 66%; the import of plastic equipment increased from 96 million euros to 135 million euros, an increase of 40%; the import of printing machinery increased from 68.5 million euros to 88.2 million euros. According to the United Nations bulk trade statistics database, food imports in West Africa reached 8.6 billion US dollars in 2010. The organizer is also the organizer of Iran food exhibition in May, with 25 years' experience in organizing the exhibition.


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


  • Company:Hangzhou Dingxin Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Truename:Zhao Ni Ni
  • Mobile:13461429666
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