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The 2024 Fluid Machinery Exhibition will be held in Shanghai in November

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The 2024 China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition is hosted by the China General Machinery Industry Association. The exhibition still adheres to the exhibition concept of "industrial....


2024The 12th (Shanghai) Fluid Machinery Exhibition

2024The China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition is hosted by the China General Machinery Industry Association, and the exhibition still adheres to the principles ofIndustrial chain linkage, showcasing innovative products, and exchanging cutting-edge technologiesOur exhibition philosophy is to innovate exhibition methods and improve service levels. The development of China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition from small to large20Over the years, we have witnessed the rapid development of China's fluid machinery industry, promoting technological exchange, market communication, and trade, making important contributions to the advancement of China's fluid machinery technology. The China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition is a professional and authoritative exhibition in the fluid machinery industry that is widely recognized and praised by the industry.

China International Fluid Machinery ExhibitionCFMEto2001Founded in, it has successfully held eleven sessions so far. Throughout previous exhibitions, it has attracted numerous well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, such as General Electric of the United States(GE)Fox(FLOWSERVE)Ingersoll Rand(INGERSOLL-RAND)Ningbo Bors, Atlas, Xinlei, Xiamen Dongya, Compulse, Helbige, MAN Turbine(MAN)Lind(LINDE)Kassby, Germany(KSB)Siemens(SIEMENS)XylemSelemo, Ebara, Japan(EBARA)Kubota(KUBOTA)Samsung, South Korea(SAMSUNG)Sanxin, South Korea(SAMSHIN)Italy(DOTT)Jian Nuo(General)Key domestic fluid machinery backbone enterprises such as Shengu, Shaangu, Shangvalve, Suvalve, Datong Huihui, Shandong Tianli, Shanghai Electric Power Construction Group, Shanghai Kaiquan, Shanghai Dongfang Pump, Shanghai Liancheng, Neway Valve, Suvalve, Hangyang, etc. also participated in the exhibition.


Organizer Introduction: China General Machinery Industry Association (abbreviated as China Communications Association)CGMA)Yes1989year4A national social organization approved and registered by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, with legal personality as a social organization.

Zhongtong Association is a national industry organization in China for the general machinery industry, consisting of voluntary participation from manufacturing enterprises, relevant scientific research and design institutes, engineering and trade companies, higher education institutions, social organizations, and industry professionals. We provide products and services for the development and transportation of oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, coal chemicals, fertilizers, electricity, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, energy conservation, environmental protection, coal and other mineral development and utilization, aerospace, shipbuilding and marine engineering, water conservancy, building materials, light industry, textiles, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, transportation and other fields of national economy, urban infrastructure construction, and national defense construction. In the localization of major technological equipment, member units of China Communications Association are responsible for the research and production of key equipment such as national large-scale nuclear power main pumps, natural gas pipeline compressors, and million ton ethylene pipeline compressors, providing guarantees for national economic security.


The previous Fluid Machinery Exhibition was held at2023year3month7The exhibition was successfully held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), with an exhibition area of5Ten thousand square meters, attracted544Leading companies in the industry6More than 10000 professional visitors attended the exhibition. During the same period, dozens of high-end industry forums, one-on-one procurement docking, special technical exchanges, new product releases, on-site signing and other rich activities were held. The exhibition has received high praise from exhibitors and professional visitors, and achieved the expected results.


2024The 12th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition will be held at2024year11month25-27The event will be held at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, providing exhibitors and visitors with more opportunities to showcase, exchange, and communicate, allowing exhibitors to achieve the goals of selling products, seeking cooperation, and shaping brands on this exhibition platform. At that time,5.5The exhibition hall covering an area of 10000 square meters will comprehensively showcase the achievements of the domestic and foreign fluid machinery manufacturing industry in technology and product innovation, enterprise transformation and upgrading, service innovation, and other aspects. High level thematic technical forums will gather industry experts and elites from both domestic and foreign fields.2024We sincerely invite manufacturing enterprises, research and design institutes, and other units of fluid machinery and supporting products from both domestic and foreign countries to attend the annual exhibition. We will bring you different surprises and showcase different brilliance.

Exhibition time:2024year11month25day-27day

Exhibition Hall: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

Venue: Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai333Number

Organizer: China General Machinery Industry Association


Exhibition scope:

1Pump and vacuum equipment



4Valves and fittings

5Gas separation equipment, gas liquefaction equipment, and gas purification equipment[Air separation equipment, pressure swing adsorption equipmentHousehold oxygen concentrators, emergency, oxygen concentrators, high-altitude oxygen concentrators, natural gas liquefaction equipment, liquefied natural gas gasification equipment, water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, membrane separation equipment, gas purification equipment, etc]

6Filter equipment, separation machinery, cooling equipment, and drying equipment

7Supporting equipmentElectric motors, industrial steam turbines, gas turbines, frequency converters and other driving equipment; Transmission equipment such as gearbox, bearings, hydraulic, pneumatic, belt, chain, etc; Electrical appliances, instruments and automation control equipment; Dynamic and static sealing; Testing and testing equipment such as dynamic balancing machines; Machine tools, casting, forging, cutting, welding, heat treatment and other processing equipment.

8Add an intelligent manufacturing exhibition area: dedicated machining machines for compressors, pumps, valves, reducers, fans, and more.

9Robots and related equipment, instruments, sensors, measurement and other supporting equipment.

Shanghai Fluid Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee Exhibition Liaison:

China General Machinery Industry Association

Contact person: Xu Xinjian

handMachine:15800367175(Same WeChat account)


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