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Congratulations on the grand opening of the 6th Shanghai international modern agricultural brand and characteristic high quality agricultural products trade fair in Shanghai National Convention and Ex...

Publish Time: 2019-06-21   Hits: 806737 Editor: zixun2
The 6th Shanghai international modern agricultural brand and Featured high-quality agricultural products trade fair was


       Warm congratulations on the 6th Shanghai international modern agricultural brand and characteristic high quality agricultural products trade fair in Shanghai from June 20 to June 23, 2019Grand opening of the National Convention and Exhibition Center! Agricultural products characteristic industrial parks, agricultural cooperation and related modern agricultural supporting products and service providers from all over the country came to participate in the exhibition! The exhibition attracts interviewers and a large number of visitors from all over the world to visit the exhibition site! Cotv global live broadcast and large-scale exhibition will be released for you! 

This is another agricultural construction achievement exhibition of "modernization, internationalization, specialization and branding" after Shanghai successfully held the first "China International Import Expo". In accordance with the new requirements for the cultivation and development of agricultural brand exhibition put forward in the national strategic plan for Rural Revitalization (2018-2022), the exhibition will give full play to the late effect of China International Import Expo and the advantages of the successful holding of previous exhibitions in Shanghai, plan for strong upgrading, integrate resources in depth, adhere to the basic policy of "developing exhibition by agriculture, promoting industry by exhibition and prospering agriculture by industry", and stand in the era New starting point, conform to the new requirements of agriculture, innovate new ways of exhibition, focus on the theme of "new era, new agriculture, new life, new future", with the goal of "cultivating and promoting agricultural brands, helping to implement Rural Revitalization", focus on displaying new technologies, new products, new brands and new achievements of international and domestic agricultural construction and development with high starting point, high level and high quality, and focus on all sides We will promote and publicize the brand image of leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization and the achievements of the construction of "one village, one product" in China, activate the vitality of agricultural development, expand the share of agricultural market, and promote the transformation of agriculture from production increase oriented to quality improvement and brand oriented, so as to promote the high-quality development of agriculture. Focusing on new agricultural products such as ecological agriculture and functional agriculture, the exhibition will carefully design exhibition and sales methods, focus on promoting "high-quality, safe, fresh, healthy and reassuring" pollution-free agricultural products and "selenium rich, natural, organic and green" functional food to the market, and guide citizens to live a high-quality life. This exhibition will focus on the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping's new strategy of agricultural and rural reform and development, and the strategic plan for the construction of "three rural issues". It will help organize a series of topics such as "one area, one village, one product, rural revitalization, accurate poverty alleviation, agricultural electric business operation" and "Internet +" new agricultural mode. The report meeting, experience exchange meeting, technology promotion meeting and brand exhibition meeting, as well as their brand selection, recommendation, press release, publicity and other related activities, strive to ensure the success, excellence, unforgettability and effectiveness of the exhibition.

This exhibition will invite many famous domestic and foreign agricultural enterprises, agricultural trade, agricultural merchants, large-scale purchasers, high-end consumers, purchasers of import and export enterprises and overseas merchants to participate in the exhibition. It is an excellent platform for the product centralized exhibition, sales and brand promotion of the exhibitors, and also provides a good platform for the exhibitors to explore Shanghai, Yangtze River Delta, East China market and even the international market Good business and cooperation opportunities.


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