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Saudi international medical exhibition 2019
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Time: 2019/12/10 - 12/12 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Saudi Arabia Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center AsiaSaudi Arabia Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Limited P.O.Box, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sponsor:Dubai Mie Group Wuhan Branch - Wuhan Huizhan Technology Co., Ltd


The 2019 Saudi international medical and experimental equipment exhibition will be held in Riyadh International Exhibition Center from December 10-12, 2019. Its organizer is the first Arabia certified exhibition organization of Saudi Arabia's local international exhibition Union. This organizer is the only exhibition organization in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a member of ICCA, site, MPI, IAEE and UFI and other international organizations to provide creativity and innovation Sexual and conceptual exhibitions, conferences and events are known for their success!
The exhibition is a platform to display the latest development of medical technology, products, equipment and laboratory industry, convey the emerging trends in the industry, and provide information on technological innovation and rapid investment development. This exhibition will become an all-round and multi angle grand meeting of medical and experimental equipment industry. It is an ideal commercial activity platform. It brings together the main contractors, purchasers and partners in the field of medical and laboratory in Saudi Arabia. It is an ideal platform for enterprises to explore and enter the Saudi market.
The exhibition was strongly supported by Saudi royal family, Saudi chamber of Commerce, Saudi Ministry of industry and other government agencies.

Riyadh International Exhibition Center, November 19-21, 2018
Total exhibition area: 8000 + square meters
Number of exhibitors: 250+
Participating countries: Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
Audience source: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Germany, France, Italy, etc
Number of visitors: 9600 + (Saudi Arabia = 64%; Gulf countries = 30%; other countries = 6%, including more than 3500 professional buyers)

Saudi Arabia is the largest medical market in the Middle East, with unparalleled business opportunities.
As the largest terminal market in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia ranks first in per capita medical expenditure in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is a high welfare country, which benefits from high oil prices to improve the quality of life of its people, while the growing population stimulates the development of the medical industry. The growing number of people over the age of 65, as well as the increasing number of foreign workers, and the population growth of 30% over the next decade, all stimulate Saudi Arabia to continue to expand its health services to meet the growing demand of people. The government attaches more and more importance to this industry and has taken a series of measures to increase expenditure and strive to meet the growing needs of the people.
Most of Saudi medical products rely on import
Saudi Arabia's spending on drugs and health care reached $3.49 billion by 2018, making it the preferred destination for investors looking for business opportunities. As the largest terminal market in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia ranks first in per capita medical expenditure in the Middle East. The annual growth rate of the health care market is 3%, and the investment in the health care system accounts for 8% of its GDP. Government funding for the industry reached $5 billion in 2001. The public health sector in Saudi Arabia plans to build eight new hospitals to meet the growing demand for medical technology and facilities brought about by the annual visits of 115 million people. There are more than 400 hospitals, more than 50000 beds, 2329 health centers and nearly 100 private clinics in Saudi Arabia. The degree of modernization is very high. Nearly 3 billion US dollars are spent on the upgrading and expansion of its medical equipment every year. The demand for related products and services is also increasing. Therefore, the Saudi medical exhibition complies with the market demand, provides all-round display of products and services needed, and plays a decisive role in the development of medical level in the Middle East and the integration with the world's medical water products. Saudi Arabia is not only the largest medical equipment and supplies market in the Middle East, but also the largest pharmaceutical market in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia's pharmaceutical market accounts for 65% of the market share in the Gulf region. Because 99% of the pharmaceuticals are imported, there is no barrier to the importation of pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, that is, complete tax exemption. In short, the medical market in Saudi Arabia is considerable. Saudi Arabia's annual growth rate of health care market is 3%, and the investment in health care system accounts for 8% of its GDP. According to the report released by Alpen capital, as the largest market in the Gulf region, the Saudi medical market reached US $16 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow 69% to US $27 billion by 2020. In the next few years, Saudi Arabia will focus on the development of private hospitals and the massive application of digital technology in the medical field. The Saudi Ministry of health plans to privatise 295 hospitals and 2259 medical centers by 2030.
Saudi Arabia's health care market is worth about 29 billion US dollars. In 2016, Saudi Arabia's demand for beds will grow by 40% to 70000. The number of hospitals will increase from 364 to 502.
The growing prosperity of Saudi Arabia has led to its unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and high proportion of obesity, resulting in widespread related health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. With the increase of income and chronic diseases, people will spend more on health care. However, the professional services needed to meet these needs are in short supply.
Saudi people pay more and more attention to the importance of fitness
With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, more and more Saudis are participating in the fitness army. Previously, women were forbidden to carry out sports activities and fitness in Saudi Arabia. In the past four years, the number of sports goods companies in Saudi Arabia has increased by 300%. 80% of the population of Saudi Arabia is young and middle-aged people. The sports and fitness industry is booming, and Saudi Arabia has become a body The largest market in the Middle East. Saudi citizens have a close relationship with western countries, a high prevalence of English, and the awareness and ideas of the whole people are close to the West. In recent years, more and more people pay attention to fitness and fitness. Now, there are more than 200 large-scale fitness clubs in Saudi Arabia.
In 2015 alone, Saudi Arabia's sporting goods consumption reached more than 800 million US dollars, and is on the trend of increasing year by year.
Previously, women were not allowed to exercise in Saudi Arabia, but now the government has gradually realized the importance of fitness for human health. Now Saudi Arabia has started to allow women to exercise and set up a number of women's fitness venues.

Scope of exhibition

★ medical devices and instruments:
Medical electronic instruments, medical ultrasonic instruments, medical X-ray equipment, medical optical instruments, clinical examination and analysis instruments, dental equipment and materials, operating room, emergency room, diagnosis and treatment room equipment and appliances, disposable medical supplies, medical dressings and sanitary materials, various kinds of hand instruments, medical health care equipment and supplies, traditional Chinese medical instruments and rehabilitation equipment, hemodialysis equipment Anesthesia breathing equipment, etc.
★ household health products and small health instruments:
Family health care products, small household diagnosis, monitoring and treatment instruments, rehabilitation and physical therapy instruments and supplies, electronic medical instruments, dental appliances, hospital office supplies, sports medical supplies.
★ API, Chinese patent medicine, medical and health care:
Treatment, rehabilitation, health care drugs and supplies with the characteristics of Oriental medicine.
★ auxiliary products:
Oxygen generator, ventilator, sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, thermometer, potential therapeutic apparatus, ray protective equipment, oxygen making and supplying equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment, special equipment for the disabled, etc;
★ dental medical equipment, orthopedic medical equipment, ophthalmic medical equipment;
★ medical supplies and health materials:
Medical bandages, gauze, masks, surgical gowns, medical rubbers, band aids, cotton balls, medical gloves, surgical protective films, medical ventilation tapes, adhesives, applicators, disposable syringes, infusion sets, etc;
★ medical informatization:
Medical software, intelligent medicine, wearable medicine, Internet medicine, mobile medicine, 3D printing medicine and application, etc;
Fitness equipment and products


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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