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The 14th China (Wenzhou) mechanical equipment exhibition in 2019
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2019/10/11 - 10/13 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Wenzhou · Zhejiang Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center No.1 Jiangbin East Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou
Sponsor:China Machinery Industry Federation, Wenzhou Municipal People's Government
Organizer:Wenzhou Economic and Information Commission, Wenzhou Modern Service Investment Group Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Executive organizer: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center


China (Wenzhou) machinery and Equipment Exhibition (cwmee) has been successfully held for 13 sessions since 2006. With the strong support and love of enterprises in the industry, it is organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, Wenzhou Municipal People's government, Wenzhou Economic and Information Commission, Wenzhou Modern Service Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou International Conference Exhibition With the joint efforts of the exhibition center, the mechanical equipment exhibition has grown from scratch and from small to large. Now, the exhibition has a certain appeal in the industry. The level of internationalization, specialization and branding has been constantly improved, and the scale, grade and influence of the exhibition have been significantly improved. It has become an important mechanical equipment exhibition in Wenzhou and even East China, and one of the key cultivation exhibitions in Zhejiang Province.

Wenzhou, China: a huge demand market

Wenzhou, the place where the exhibition is located, is a dynamic city of China's industrial production industry. The private economy is particularly developed. It has 35 national production bases, producing an industry group with 60% of the national market share of razors, 65% of locks, 80% of glasses, 90% of metal shell lighters, 90% of watercolor pens, electrical appliances, pump valves, auto parts, furniture and other machinery manufacturing as the leading industries. Most of them are in the period of high-speed expansion of industrial upgrading and technological innovation. They need a large number of all kinds of advanced mechanical supporting equipment and parts products, which provides huge business opportunities for domestic and foreign industrial production enterprises.

Wenzhou - national industrial base

China's stainless steel seamless tube production base, China's pen making capital, China's hardware and sanitary ware capital, China's lock capital, China's zipper Town, China's shoes capital, China's business gift production base, China's leisure shoes production base, China's auto parts capital, China's plastic film industry base, China's famous clothing city, China's printing and packaging and pharmaceutical machinery production and marketing base, China's glasses production base Land, National Torch Plan intelligent electrical industry base, China's home of plastic weaving, China's national drill (construction) production base, China's Synthetic Leather City, China's electronic components industry base, China's pump valve Town, China's precision mold production base, China (Wenzhou) razor production base, China's circuit breaker industry base, China's metal shell lighter production base, China National defense explosive electrical production base, China's electrical capital, China's famous leisure clothing city, China's Printing City, China's leather capital and other industrial bases.


CNC Machine Tool Exhibition
Previous exhibitors: Doosan Doosan, hyundai-wia, Hardinge, Haas, citizen, Tsugami, Sodick, Okuma, brother brother, TAKISAWA, goodway, Tongtai, wele, Haeger, Amada, Haitian Seiko, Kaibai, Liwei, Kuaiya, Shenyang machine tool, etc.
Laser industry exhibition
Previous exhibitors: TRUMPF tongkuai, Shenzhen Han laser, Pentium laser, Huagong laser, Shenzhen Dineng, China Russia laser, Han super laser, iris laser, Wuhan Jiaming, Fick laser, granburg laser, Bona laser, Boye laser, Shenzhen Ming laser, chuangheng laser, Ruifeng photoelectric, Han Jin Shikai, Wuhan Zhonggu, etc.
Industrial Robot Exhibition
Previous exhibitors: FANUC FANUC, OTC robot, Denso robot, Xinsong robot, Laimeng robot, Puda technology, Changtai robot, Baixin robot, Jinshi robot, Shanghai Sibu, Dazheng industrial robot, Shanghai Xinmu, Hengfengtai, Mingsai robot, Shanghai Huanyan, Zhejiang Ruihong, China control group, Hangzhou Houda, etc.
Fastener spring and Equipment Exhibition
Previous exhibitors: Taiwan chunri, Dongrui machinery, Boyu machinery, Kunshan Quanying, Xiuqing machinery, longhui machinery, Sanyong electric furnace, Leili te, zhanbang machinery, shanweng industrial furnace, Yigao machinery, Talon standard parts, Tianhong fastener, Jinqi industry, Sanli fastener, ZHONGTE standard parts, etc.
Rubber industry and Equipment Exhibition
Previous exhibitors: Zhende machinery, xinjinli machinery, Ruijin rubber machinery, ruiri rubber machinery, Liyuan electronics, Huatai rubber machinery, Jiehe industry, Huacheng hydraulic, nonding machinery, Tuowei machinery, yizhimi rubber machinery, hongshunde machinery, jialongke machinery, delidong machinery, Qianpu machinery, Nuru machinery, etc.

Costs & Precautions

1. International standard booth: 6800 yuan / piece (3m * 3M), standard booth includes: exhibition site, three or two display boards (2.5m high), lintel text production, two spotlights, one negotiation table, two chairs, including carpet, one 220V power socket and public area health and security.
Other exhibition equipment and service expenses shall be borne by oneself.
2. Indoor light floor: 700 yuan / square meter, starting from 36 square meters. The open space does not include any configuration, exhibition equipment, power consumption, construction and other costs.
Special decoration management fee and special decoration deposit shall be paid to the exhibition hall separately.
3. The three-phase power supply and air supply shall be charged according to the exhibitor's declaration requirements.
The measure of area: 45000m2scale: 550 companies / 1500 booths


  • Telephone:0577-88139669
  • Truename:Mr. Xu
  • Fax:0577-88139191
  • E-mail:cwmee@cwmee.cn
  • Address:4 / F, Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, No.1, Jiangbin East Road, Wenzhou
  • Zipcode:325003


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