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Explore the eight exhibition areas, this cross-border e-commerce exhibition in Yiwu is not simple!

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On April 11-13, 2020, the 10th China International E-commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo will be opened in Yiwu Interna


On April 11-13, 2020, the 10th China International E-commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Yiwu e-commerce Expo") will be opened in Yiwu International Expo Center. The Expo will host the world ecommerce ecological conference, the new international retail business summit, etc., and will also launch a new live broadcast stage of the community e-commerce network. All the anchors, fast hands, Taobao live broadcaster and other anchors will gather at the scene to bring PK goods to each other.


Brand online goods exhibition area: five pavilions occupy the second place with large exhibition scope

As the largest exhibition area of the Expo, the brand online goods exhibition area covers mother and baby, toys, knitting, clothing, wine industry, jewelry, food, cosmetics, handicrafts, big health, sporting goods, daily necessities, beauty salons, hardware and electrical appliances, electronic instruments, etc., gathering global food, sharing healthy life, introducing smart home appliances, and creating quality Life is one of the most popular exhibition areas for exhibitors.


Shanghai sweetheart clothing, Yiwu Huanghua mother and baby products, Huangyan Songtai plastic, Shantou Chenghai Renbo toys, Hangzhou Shenmei kitchenware, Jinhua Tianxia Meijiu, Beijing Hemei yunshang technology, Xiamen BEIMEI biotechnology, Zhuhai zhuogo industry, Yongkang toudemai industry and trade, Yongkang Chutian culture and education products, Jining Bihai washing products and other enterprises have successfully entered the brand network of Yiwu e-commerce Expo The exhibition area includes the upstream and downstream brand enterprises of daily necessities, maternal and infant products, stationery and educational products, etc.

Famous e-commerce platform exhibition area:Unpredictable retail e-commerce, platform mall rises

Not long ago"Double 11" shopping Carnival came to an end, with frequent reports of e-commerce. Led by Alibaba and Jingdong, pinduoduo, vipshop, Suning e-shopping and Gome online followed closely. E-commerce platform shopping mall has become a market hotspot, and online shopping has become an inseparable way of life for consumers. This e-commerce Expo has a well-known e-commerce platform exhibition area, which not only invites many well-known e-commerce platforms and e-commerce service-oriented enterprises, but also the exhibition area is located in the center of the exhibition hall, which is the only place for leaders to visit and merchants to visit.


Shenzhen shrimp skin Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been participating in Yiwu e-commerce Expo for the third time. It is reported thatAs a well-known cross-border e-commerce platform rooted in Southeast Asia and Taiwan market, shopee's e-entertainment, e-commerce and e-finance businesses are second to none in Southeast Asia and Taiwan market. On the one hand, it is necessary for shopee to participate in Yiwu e-commerce Expo again because of the good effect of the Expo and the need to continue participating in the Expo, on the other hand, it is to promote more Yiwu sellers to transform to sea And seize the blue ocean business opportunities of 600 million e-commerce people in Southeast Asia.


In addition, old customers Alibaba, Jingdong Mall, AmazonWish, fishclaw and 91 technology have also successfully signed up for the exhibition and selected their places.


E-commerce service-oriented enterprise exhibition area: serving e-commerce and the public

E-commerce is information flow,commodity circulation,A new mode of business activities integrating capital flow and logistics, is one of the most centralized and active representations of the digital economy. As a professional exhibition in e-commerce industry, Yiwu e-commerce Expo is bound to be joined by service enterprises related to e-commerce, such as logistics services, packaging materials, logistics and packaging equipment, third-party storage, application software, third-party payment, trademark registration, online marketing promotion, e-commerce Park, e-commerce training, etc.


Now we have invited Guan Yiyun from Shanghai, Zhang Shangqi from Beijing, jushuitan from Shanghai, youzan technology, Dianke, Hangzhou lakeside network, Hangzhou Qibo software, Hangzhou micro case, Hangzhou Yunyi, Yunda logisticsShanghai wupao.com,Technology and technologyFamous e-commerce service enterprises such as Yiwu e-commerce Expo have set up a strong exhibitor lineup. Through the participation of these enterprises, we can not only seek cooperation and expand business, but also better serve e-commerce enterprises.


Leading the development of big healthy social e-commerce and grasping the new trend

2019,Social new retail is on the rise, all kinds of enterprisesOneselfAccumulated data and users are transferred to social media dominated by wechatIn order to better communicate with users, activate and realize fans.At the same time,With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standardHealth is becoming more and more important. People's unrestricted intake of all kinds of high fat and high calorie foods has caused a series of health problems that are plaguing tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people, and the demand for related products is also rising rapidly, which is also forming a 100 billion level blue ocean market


Therefore, this e-commerce Expo will upgrade the new social retail exhibition area and improve the product content of its exhibition area, includingHealth products, moxibustion, medicated plasteretc.Health care products,Enzyme, diet medicine, meal substitute powder, eye protector, etc.


Building rural e-commerce exhibition area to help farmers"Taotao" out of poverty

With the rapid development of national economy, in recent years, promoting the transformation of rural economy has become an important issue. How to get rid of the shackles of traditional agricultural economy and popularize scientific and advanced business model is the key to the transformation of rural economy.


In 2020, Yiwu e-commerce Expo will still strive to build a "rural e-commerce exhibition area". It will again work with the provincial and municipal commercial bureaus to lead the relevant enterprises to the scene to show, and let them touch the new things on the Internet, so as to change the thinking of farmers.


Rural e-commerce information technology, big data, cloud computing, and accurate information management features will be the main management mode of rural communities in the future. Rural e-commerce will introduce advanced technology of the Internet, lay out information and data in advance for rural communities, realize rapid docking of purchase and sale, and complete the exchange of Online and offline products and technologies through information transmission and integration.

andTwo thousand and nineteenyearE-commerce FairComparison,Five hall eightThe exhibition area is the same, but also changed, more highlights to be found on site!2020China International E-commerce ExpoRecruitment and investment promotionpresentIt has been launched in an all-round way. Warmly welcome enterprises to sign up for the exhibition and visit!


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