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Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:No.1 Jiangbin East Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou
Area:580000 M²
Location:China-Zhejiang Province-Wenzhou city-Lucheng District
Tel:0577-88135137 / 88135138


Wenzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center is one of Wenzhou's top ten landmark buildings, located at the north of the intersection of Jiangbin East Road and Tangjiaqiao. It is backed by Minjiang River and faces the planned Yangfushan Business Center. With the realization of the eastward movement of the city, the center has become the heart of Wenzhou's central business district, and traffic is accessible to all corners of the city, which is smooth and convenient. Located on the banks of the Minjiang River with elegant environment and beautiful scenery, it has developed water transportation. With its magnificent momentum, perfect design and first-class facilities, it has a good reputation not only in China, but also in the international community. It has become one of the symbols of Wenzhou !!

        The Wenzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center started construction in July 2001 and was completed and put into use in October 2002. The total area is 580,000 square meters. The first phase of the project covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with a construction area of 72,650 square meters and a square area of 100,000 square meters. Its architectural design is divided into three areas: exhibition halls, conference centers, and hotels. Hall 3 is 9,600 square meters and Hall 4 is 6000 square meters. The inverted cone-shaped conference center broke through the roof, combined with a large platform and a time tower to form an "atrium without a roof", creating a distinct sense of space and direction. The atrium is equipped with escalators, sightseeing elevators, sky corridors, large electronic screens, landscape pools, T-shaped performance stands, and large-scale ecological plants, forming a unique "three-dimensional square" space, which clearly indicates that this is the "Wenzhou landmark building" ". The conference center is divided into five floors and has large, medium and small conference halls. The hotel is located on the west side of the Convention and Exhibition Center. It is a six-story board building with VIP rooms, business bars, restaurants, guest rooms, and more. The total investment of the first phase project of the Convention and Exhibition Center is 340 million yuan, which is Wenzhou's largest, most comprehensive and highest-grade intelligent exhibition hall that integrates multiple functions such as conferences, exhibitions, commerce, hotels, and office.

        Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is displayed in front of the world with its magnificent and magnificent modern buildings. Today's exhibition will be accompanied by the rapid development of Wenzhou's economy, the precipitation of culture, and the charm of modern cities. We believe in the future. Wenzhou The International Convention and Exhibition Center will definitely become the trade center of world trade ...

Pavilion size

There are four exhibition halls in total. Hall No. 1 covers an area of 8,000 square meters, Hall No. 2 is 6,400 square meters, Hall No. 3 is 9,600 square meters, Hall No. 4 is 6000 square meters, and Hall No. 5 and 6 are each 5000 square meters.

meeting room

        According to different use functions and space requirements, a total of five layers of inverted cone-shaped electronic screens are installed:

        The second floor is a small conference hall with a floor height of 9.1 meters and a clear height of 7.6 meters;

        The third floor is a medium-sized conference hall with a height of 7.5 meters and a clear height of 6.0 meters;

        The fourth floor is a large conference hall with a height of 8.5 meters and a clear height of 7.0 meters;

        The fifth floor is a luminous multifunctional hall (glass dome) with a clear height of 8.0 meters at the lowest point and 9.0 meters at the highest point.




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