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AMC 2020 automobile steel special technology exhibition will be held in Wuhan

Publish Time: 2019-07-17   Hits: 21152 Editor: fengzemin
AMC auto steel technology exhibition organizing committee will successfully invite 80 main engine plants and 5000 spare


Steel is the leading material in automobile manufacturing. With the rapid development of global automobile industry, high performance, reduction, easy processing, high precision, green and high safety are becoming the main trend of automobile industry. It has become an important topic and mission in the field of steel metallurgy and automobile manufacturing in the world to deeply study the production and application technology of automobile steel and develop and produce automobile steel with lighter quality, higher strength and better performance. In the past three years, China's automobile industry chain has accelerated its transfer to the central and western regions. Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiangyang, Shiyan and other places have established quite large-scale automobile and parts manufacturing bases, with huge market potential. AMC international advanced automobile manufacturing technology and China automobile steel technology exhibition jointly sponsored by Hubei society of automobile engineering, Chongqing society of automobile engineering, Sichuan society of automobile engineering, Anhui society of automobile engineering, China Academy of automobile engineering and Watson exhibition will continue to be held in Wuhan, Jiangcheng on May 7-9, 2020, with exhibition belt meeting, focusing on commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles The latest automotive steel technology and products in the field of vehicle and parts manufacturing!

AMC auto steel technology exhibition organizing committee will successfully invite 80 main engine plants and 5000 spare parts enterprises to visit the exhibition through professional channels. The central China region is one of the most important automobile industry bases in China. Based on the central China market, this exhibition aims to provide a professional exhibition platform of special steel products and overall solutions integrating brand display, technical exchange, trade cooperation, publicity and promotion for the national automobile manufacturing industry. Tel: 027-8421 8603, 027-8421 8636


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