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The 9th China International Construction Expo 2022
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2022/03/26 - 03/28 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chaoyang District · Beijing China International Exhibition Center - old museum 中国北京市 6 North Third Ring East Road, Beijing
Sponsor:China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation
Organizer:Beijing Zhongzhuang Wenxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd
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In order to promote the popularization, application and economic and trade exchanges of new technologies, materials, processes and equipment in the construction industry, and promote the upgrading of the construction industry and the development of prefabricated buildings, the 9th China International Construction Expo 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the Construction Expo) will be grandly held in Beijing · China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Museum). On the basis of inheriting the brand and resources of China International Construction four new Expo, constructtech 2022 will gather nearly 1000 participating enterprises with an exhibition scale of 50000 square meters, cooperate with rich simultaneous activities, and once again attract construction units, decoration companies, leasing companies, dealers, agents, purchasers, designers, architects Nearly 90000 visitors, including owners, developers, government agencies, media and other relevant persons, are expected to build a one-stop procurement and exchange platform for China's building materials industry to achieve fruitful results in brand promotion and trade exchange.

As a comprehensive construction industry brand event with both scale and influence, the 9th constructech 2022 Construction Industry Expo will rely on the huge industry market in northern China and xiong'an new area, radiate the whole country, and focus on the display of prefabricated buildings, building formwork scaffolds, floors, elastic ground materials and sports venues, building insulation, parts and components, dry mixed mortar, concrete technology and beauty Joint and sealant, building energy-saving and green buildings, building doors and windows, sponge city and other sectors gather nearly 90000 professional visitors and trade procurement groups in the whole industry chain to promote cooperation and development in production, construction, channel expansion, procurement docking and other fields.

With the promotion of economic and trade exchanges as the center and the expansion of trade achievements of the exhibition as the guide, the 9th Construction Expo will also cooperate with a number of institutions and associations to hold nearly 20 industry forums and procurement matching meetings, such as 2022 xiongan New Area Construction Material Procurement Conference, 2022 China fabricated construction conference, China construction formwork, scaffold and Construction Technology Development Summit Forum, so as to build covered buildings The exchange platform of the whole industry chain will help the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation development of the building materials industry in the new era.

Held simultaneously:
The 13th China international construction formwork, scaffold construction technology and product equipment exhibition
The 9th China International Flooring Expo (flooring materials and equipment exhibition, elastic flooring and sports venues exhibition)
The second China International prefabricated construction industry expo
The 17th China International Building insulation, new wall and exterior wall decoration exhibition
The 17th China International Dry Mixed Mortar Technology and products exhibition
2022 China International Building gypsum industry exhibition
The 17th China International New wall materials and exterior wall decoration exhibition
The 2nd China International Joint and building sealant and adhesive Exhibition
The second China International concrete technology and mechanical equipment exhibition
2022 China international architectural doors, windows and curtain walls Exhibition
2022 construction material procurement exchange conference of xiong'an New Area


● exhibition area of prefabricated building model
● passive low-energy buildings
● green building materials, decorative thermal insulation, energy-saving doors and windows
● building components
● full decoration of buildings, standardized and integrated home decoration ● architectural design
● floor, elastic ground material and sports ground
● construction technical equipment, machines and tools, formwork and scaffold ● dry mixed mortar, building waterproof and building coating
● fabricated structural system, steel structure, wood structure building
● air purification and fresh air system
● building intelligence and smart home
● comprehensive pipe gallery and sponge City
● solar buildings, HVAC and new energy

Costs & Precautions


Standard boothto configure

1Three display boards, carpets, an inquiry table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, a paper basket, a 220V / 5A power socket and company lintel (Chinese and English name and booth number)

2Site, air conditioning, lighting of original buildings, security, cleaning of public places and on-site management and services.

3List the basic information of exhibitors and brief introduction of exhibits in the exhibition catalogue.


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  • Mobile:13910024687
  • E-mail:liangchen@ciec.com.cn
  • Address:688, floor 4, hall 1, China International Exhibition Center, 6 North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Zipcode:100028


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