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Keeping in mind the new trend of sports fashion, ispo Beijing 2019 is the perfect ending!

Publish Time: 2019-01-27   Hits: 19275 Editor: zixun2
This ispo Beijing 2019 is divided into three exhibition halls: outdoor sports, winter sports and sports training, and th


On January 16, 2019, the 15th Asian sports fashion exhibition ispo Beijing 2019 opened in China International Exhibition Center (New Museum). As the largest and most influential Flagship Exhibition in the Asia Pacific sports and fashion industry, this exhibition has an unprecedented scale. More than 500 exhibitors gathered around the world, attracting more than 40000 professionals.

This ispo Beijing 2019 is divided into three exhibition halls: outdoor sports, winter sports and sports training, and three special areas are set up: the exhibition area of ispo global design award, the issuance area of ispo functional textile fashion trend award and the exhibition area of ispo new brand. Provide business solutions driven by industry demand.

Ispo Beijing is not only an exhibition, but also a gathering camp for sports fans. At the exhibition site, in addition to giving people a glimpse of the cutting-edge sports equipment with high-tech content, there are more in-depth experience activities. Ispo Beijing has created a sports feast for the people.

In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, ice and snow sports are known and loved by more people. The development trend of ice and snow industry has also become a highlight of ispo Beijing 2019. In the winter sports area, the major exhibitors show people the ice and snow sports clothing, equipment and accessories, so that people realize that even in the cold winter, they can still go out of their homes and enjoy the fun of sports.

In the Internet age, any grand event can not be separated from online help. Ispo Beijing 2019 released the annual outdoor sports award jointly with tmall, which let online consumers see the technological hard core of sports equipment. The fashion show of the major sports brands on the scene of the activity makes the sports players feel the cool charm of the sports clothing and equipment in an intuitive way.


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