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National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Address:333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the exhibition hall)
Area:1470000 M²
Location:China-Shanghai City-Qingpu District


With the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and the approval of Shanghai place name management office, the China Expo exhibition complex located in Hongqiao Business District of Shanghai is officially named as the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) (hereinafter referred to as the "National Exhibition Center").
With a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters, the National Exhibition Center has an indoor exhibition hall of 400000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition hall of 100000 square meters. The indoor exhibition hall is composed of 13 large exhibition halls with a unit area of 28800 square meters and 3 small exhibition halls with a unit area of 9700 square meters, which can meet the needs of large, medium and small-scale exhibitions in an all-round way. At the same time, the exhibition hall is equipped with 150000 square meters of commercial center, 180000 square meters of office facilities and 70000 square meters of five-star hotels.
The north part of the first floor of the National Exhibition Center is a single-layer column free exhibition hall, except for one large exhibition hall with double-layer structure. The net height of the single floor exhibition hall is 32 meters; the net height of the first floor Southern exhibition hall is 27x36 meters and 12 meters; the net height of the second floor large exhibition hall is 54x36 meters and 17 meters. The wide exhibition space is enough for exhibitors to give full play to and achieve high-quality image layout.
In addition, the National Exhibition Center, located in the west of the core area of Hongqiao Business District, is only 1.5km away from the traffic hub of Hongqiao. It is closely connected with Hongqiao high-speed railway station and Hongqiao Airport through the subway. The surrounding expressway network is accessible in all directions. It can reach the important cities in the Yangtze River Delta within 2 hours. The traffic is very convenient.

Conference Room
The complex has rich meeting venues and advanced meeting organization system, which can be arranged properly from small gatherings of dozens of people to large-scale meetings of thousands of people.

In addition to 28 small conference rooms (100-200 ㎡), 7 medium-sized conference rooms (300-500 ㎡), the exhibition complex is also equipped with a large banquet hall with an area of 1000 square meters, and a multifunctional hall with a capacity of 2000-3000 people and an area of about 10000 square meters. Indoor software functions are perfect, hardware facilities are complete, creating a comfortable and relaxed conference environment.




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