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"Paris Home Furnishings Exhibition" Chinese designers won the first M & O Design Award

Publish Time: 2019-01-27   Hits: 10666 Editor: zixun2
At the exhibition, there are top brands in the home furnishing industry, as well as small brands of independent designer


On January 19, the annual Designer Award Ceremony of Maison & objet in 2019 Paris Home Furnishings Exhibition was held in Lafayette anticipations.

Six young Chinese designers, Cai liechao, Chen Furong, Chen Xingyu, Li Ximi, Yang Hongjie and Zhou Chenchen, won the China Award for new designers. Sebastian herkner, a German designer, won the Maison & objet annual Designer Award. These two awards are the highlight of each exhibition and have grown into one of the most valuable awards in the industry.

At the award ceremony, Gao Yuanyuan, the business representative of the Chinese Embassy in France, and Philippe brocart, the president of Paris Home Furnishing Exhibition, respectively delivered speeches, congratulated six new Chinese designers, and affirmed and encouraged their achievements.

Zhao Na, President of designchain, said in her speech that as a young Chinese start-up company, designchain has made great efforts to support Chinese design and help more Chinese designers step onto the international stage and establish the image of "designin China".

Zhao pointed out that designchain, as a leading domestic design consulting & overall solution provider for home products, has entered the third year of cooperation with Maison & objet, and has always maintained close cooperation. Designchain has always been committed to helping more excellent Chinese designers and design works onto the international stage, displaying the image of Chinese design in the world, and achieving the promotion from made in China to created in China.

She hopes that through this Paris Home Furnishing Exhibition, high-quality overseas home furnishing brands will be brought into the Chinese market, and a shared ecosystem of customers, designers and product providers will be built by integrating the advantages of online and offline resources, combining the Internet and big data analysis technology.

It is understood that 2019 Paris Home Furnishing Exhibition was held in the exhibition center of North villebant, Paris on January 18, presenting the latest trends and future trends of the international home furnishing industry. At the exhibition, there are top brands in the home furnishing industry, as well as small brands of independent designers, bringing a wonderful exhibition feast to the whole world. This is the largest exhibition of Chinese brands in history, and also the first time Maison & objet has awarded the design cutting-edge award to Chinese designers, which represents a new journey of Chinese design.


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