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2020 The 2nd Shanghai International Measurement and Testing Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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2020 The 2nd China Shanghai International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo


2020 Shanghai Measurement Exhibition · 2020 Shanghai Measurement Exhibition · 2020 Measurement Exhibition · 2020 Measurement Exhibition ·

 2020 The 2nd China Shanghai International Measurement and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo

Over the same period: World Metrology Day

Time: May 18-20, 2020

Venue: Shanghai Pudong Expo Exhibition Hall

Hosted by: Shanghai Metrology Association

Organizer: Shanghai Gordon Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition background

The first professional procurement event in Asia in the international metrology and testing field-China (Shanghai) International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo (abbreviation: CMTE CHINA) has been successfully held in Shanghai on the occasion of the 20th World Metrology Day in 2019. The theme of the show is "Quantity Defines the World". The total exhibition area of the exhibition is 6,500 square meters, attracting a total of 135 well-known companies in the field of measurement and testing from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, and 13,672 professional visitors came to the site to attend. Also held during the exhibition were the launching ceremony of the "Shanghai Metrology Innovation Challenge", the unveiling ceremony of the establishment of the National Commercial Aircraft Industry Metrology and Testing Alliance, the National Commercial Aircraft Industry Metrology and Testing Technology Exchange Conference, and the Energy Meter Gauge Development and Application Forum. As well as events such as the International Measurement Testing Development Forum and multiple international measurement testing buyer meetings. This expo has a strong professionalism and highlights the key test of measurement testing. For the first time in China, it has won praise from all walks of life and the industry and attracted the attention of all media. The 2020 International Measurement and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo will continue to rely on the strong demand of the Chinese consumer market, with the theme of "industrial revolution and measurement innovation". The exhibition will continue to rely on the strong demand of the Chinese consumer market through product demonstrations, technology exchanges and trade negotiations The tight combination of event forms creates an international metrology and testing industry event in Shanghai.

New opportunities

Provide effective ways to better help measurement and testing technology and equipment companies open up markets, promote information communication between supply and demand sides, and prosper measurement and testing technology and product markets. Hosted by the Shanghai Metrology Association and sponsored by Shanghai Gordon Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd., the “2020 Second China (Shanghai) International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo” is scheduled to continue at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center on May 18-20, 2020 Held. At that time, there will be management and technical personnel from national and provincial key research institutes, laboratories, large and medium-sized enterprise laboratories and research institutes from around the world, and representatives of related enterprises will gather in Shanghai to discuss China's metrological development plans.

Concurrent activities

The exhibition will draw on the experience of successfully hosting the first expo. At the same time, the International Metrology and Testing Development Forum, the National Metrology Dean's Summit Forum, and thematic forums in various metrology fields will be held at the same time. With the wide coverage of exhibits, the measurement and testing space is further expanded, allowing more companies and buyers in the industry to have zero-distance contact with exhibitors through the exhibition, so as to enhance the friendship and cooperation between supply and demand.

Target audience

Industry, agriculture, mining, consumer goods manufacturing (including textiles, clothing, daily necessities, etc.), construction, energy and fuel, hydropower production and supply, chemical industry, electronics and electrical industry, automobile industry, food industry, consulting Representatives of measurement technology institutions, research institutes, colleges and enterprises in the service industry, retail industry, pharmaceutical industry, scientific research, technical service industry, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management, health management and other industries.

Exhibition scope

Measurement verification (calibration) test technology, standard devices, large-scale analytical testing instruments and process measurement systems, automated precision measurement instrument control systems, artificial intelligence perception and measurement control systems, intelligent image and graphic measurement systems, and unmanned laboratory automatic detection systems , Physical and chemical analysis instrumentation, medical analysis instrumentation, industrial big data integration system, industrial measurement software, quantum devices, ultra-precision sensors and measurement chips, measurement data transmission and communication system, automatic measurement loading device, measurement big data integration system, Multi-dimensional laser measurement system, satellite positioning and large geometry laser measurement system, terahertz measurement technology, nuclear power integrated integrated automatic control system, ionizing radiation measurement technology, physical and chemical analysis instruments, medical analysis instruments, standard substances (standard samples) and Chemical reagents, flow, pressure, temperature and other instruments, medical analysis and instrumentation, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental testing, electrical energy meters, water meters, gas and thermal energy meters, fuel dispensers, scales, industrial automation control instruments, performance test equipment, safety testing device Surveying and mapping equipment, radios and other equipment.

Exhibitor Contact

Organizing Committee Secretariat: 6th Floor, Building 27, No. 69 Guixu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Phone: 021-61217249

Contact: Mei Liang 139-3764-4261 (same number on WeChat)

Q Q: 1544848109

E-mail: 139374261@163.com


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