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"Exhibition review" turkey food exhibition worldfood Istanbul

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 21660 Editor: zixun2
Under the framework of food arena, a series of impressive meeting plates and topics were launched on the conference plat


Worldfood Istanbul, the 2018 Turkish food show, brings together retail chains, wholesalers and agents from all over the world. Exhibitors meet with them and establish contacts at the show. Worldfood Istanbul is an ideal platform to help you expand product sales, promote products and find new customers.

Exhibitor profile

430 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions

Exhibition in 14 international pavilions

Exhibitor survey results

91% said they would attend the next exhibition

83% said they expected to get satisfactory return on investment from the exhibition

93% think the show is critical to their business

81% said they were satisfied with the exhibition effect

Audience data

16085 visitors from 133 countries

2785 international visitors

Audience survey results

95% said they would come back next year

89% found new suppliers and partners

65% satisfied with the overall effect of the exhibition

68% saw innovative products

Conference platform

Under the framework of food arena, a series of impressive meeting plates and topics were launched on the conference platform. It mainly includes "roadmap of food field", "based on the current situation: looking at the future prospects of food industry", "next step: improving awareness" and "suggestions of masters". Professional visitors are able to communicate with key players in the industry and understand recent trends and technologies in the food industry.

Cooking show

In the chef show organized by show kitchen under the framework of food arena, famous restaurant and hotel chefs cook with different ideas every day, and provide various kinds of food for the audience.


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