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Shandong provincial capital culture and Art Center Grand Theater

Address:Center square of provincial capital theatre, provincial capital culture and Art Center, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Area:136000 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-Ji'nan City-Huaiyin District


The Grand Theater of Shandong provincial capital culture and Art Center is located in the core area of Jinan West Railway Station area, starting from lashanhe East Road in the East, lashanhe West Road in the west, Rizhao road in the South and Weihai Road in the north, with a land area of about 23.7 hectares (355 mu), a total construction area of about 136000 square meters and a total investment of about 2.475 billion yuan. Its main construction contents include: 75000 square meters of Grand Theatre, 1800 opera halls, 1500 concert halls, 500 multi-functional halls, supporting the construction of rehearsal hall and other auxiliary function rooms; 24000 square meters of central square; 37000 square meters of underground garage; 524 meters of municipal supporting facilities and outdoor overall engineering (including roads, bridges, rivers, pipelines, greening and Landscape, etc.). The East-West length of the Grand Theatre is about 216.0m, and the North-South length is about 117.0m; the East-West length of municipal supporting works is about 490.75m, and the North-South length is about 23.9m; the East-West length of the South underground garage is about 254.0m, the North-South width is about 67.8m, and the west side is about 150.0m. The Grand Theater of Shandong provincial capital culture and Art Center adopts the design concept of "Dai Qinghai blue", which clearly outlines the geographical landscape of Shandong close to the mountains and water and the cultural environment of the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. "Daiqing" takes Mount Tai, which represents the outstanding spirit of Qilu people's self-improvement, virtue, diligence and wisdom. "Sea blue" symbolizes Shandong's beautiful imagination of making full use of its coastal geographical location, vigorously developing its economy and striving to build a blue economic zone on the Shandong Peninsula

Exhibition hall scale
The three super high-rise towers are respectively No.1 building with 22 floors, 110.15 m high; No.2 building with 48 floors, 200.15 m high; No.3 building with 31 floors, 150.15 m high




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