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Why do domestic and foreign enterprises choose Shanghai wedding dress exhibition as the first place of new products?

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 53258 Editor: zixun2
"In the past, when brides got married, most of them rented wedding dresses or bought one at a low price. Now, when the b


At the 35th Shanghai wedding dress exhibition held recently, hundreds of wedding dress booths from 15 countries and regions competed for splendor, and 12 famous wedding brands at home and abroad took the exhibition as the stage of the latest wedding dress "first show China" in the current season, showing that Shanghai, as the exhibition center city of China, is deeply integrated with services, shopping, culture and manufacturing to create together New advantages of marine economy.

According to the relevant person in charge of the exhibition organizer, in the past 20 years, the Shanghai wedding dress exhibition has been held in two seasons every year, mainly focusing on brand and new product display. Until the last session, according to the requirements of exhibitors, professional audiences and ordinary consumers, the famous wedding dress brand "China's first show" has been set up, attracting 8 brands to participate. The number of wedding brands participating in the first show of this Shanghai wedding show is 4 more than that of the previous one, which shows that the measures to launch the four brands of "Shanghai service", "Shanghai manufacturing", "Shanghai shopping" and "Shanghai culture" are being implemented with the help of traditional exhibition channels. It also shows that domestic and foreign brands and Chinese consumers have increased their attention and attention through Shanghai Exhibition.

"In the past, when brides got married, most of them rented wedding dresses or bought one at a low price. Now, when the bride goes out on a happy day, she often wears a carefully selected traditional Chinese dress. At the wedding banquet site, she needs to change a set of Western wedding dress, and most of them are purchased rather than leased. The relevant standards and requirements are not the same as before. The shooting place of wedding photography also moves from indoor to domestic and international tourist attractions and characteristic towns with cultural connotation. " Relevant professionals said.

Christopher paunil is a canadian designer who co founded a wedding brand with his partner. His core design concept is to present people with a powerful and confident image of a new era bride. Although the relevant brands have participated in Shanghai wedding show for the second time, Christopher paunil himself is the first time to come to China. "I'm very optimistic about the Chinese market, and I'm considering learning more about Chinese traditional culture and Chinese consumer habits, and adding Chinese elements to my wedding dress design," he said

The 35th Shanghai wedding dress exhibition covers a total area of 120000 square meters, including four sub exhibitions: wedding dress, theme photography, photo album frame, wedding consumption and purchase. Meanwhile, 2019 Shanghai Children's photography exhibition will be held.


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