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Techtextil and texprocess opened in May, and the authoritative exhibition in textile field is worth looking forward to!

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During the 4-day exhibition, techtextil will provide a new form of lecture and interactive communication platform for th


The biennial Frankfurt nonwoven exhibition techtextil and the Frankfurt textile industry exhibition texprocess will be held in Frankfurt exhibition center from May 14 to 17.

According to the organizers, this year's two exhibitions will focus on the theme of "urban life" and pay high attention to the sustainable development of the industry. Up to now, the latest statistics show that the number of exhibitors of techtextil this year has exceeded that of the previous period. The two exhibitions will bring the latest technology research and development results to the audience, and cover the application of textiles in all application fields, forming a more obvious collaborative innovation and communication effect in the global textile industry.

Techtextil: focus on future urban life

According to the organizer, the theme of techtextil this year is determined to be "city life - the city of the future". As the world's leading professional trade exhibition of industrial textiles, the exhibition will bring the latest international industrial and non-woven technologies, products and applications in related fields, and show the audience how industrial textiles shape urban life from multiple fields.

This year's exhibition will provide textile solutions around the future urban life, and display relevant application results and cases. At the same time, this year's techtextil cooperates with creative Holland, a Dutch creative industry organization, to provide a display space for the life of the future city through the special activity of "city life future city".

"Every two years, techtextil brings the latest applications in the field of textile materials," said Olaf Schmidt, vice president of textile and textile technology at Messe Frankfurt. International top experts from construction, automobile, medical and health care, fashion, personal protection and other fields will gather here to discuss lightweight, durable and sustainable materials. "

Techtextil Forum: provide open communication platform

During the 4-day exhibition, techtextil will provide a new form of lecture and interactive communication platform for the audience. Instead of the previous exhibition forum, the new form of forum will be set in hall 4.1 and will be open to all professional visitors free of charge. The forum will cover the following topics: sustainability, digital transformation, intelligent textiles, urban textiles, composite materials, and industrial textiles used in the medical field.

Texprocess: focus on Sustainable Development

As the world's leading trade fair for textile and flexible materials processing, texprocess will cover all cutting-edge technologies in textile and garment processing.

Sustainability is the core theme of techtextil and texprocess this year. For the first time this year, the two exhibitions will jointly demonstrate the efforts of exhibitors in terms of sustainability. Techtextil and texprocess innovation awards will award Sustainable Textile Innovation and processing methods. In addition, the texprocess forum will focus on the sustainability of the textile and fashion industry and set up a special theme plate for discussion.

4.1 as a mixed exhibition hall of techtextil and texprocess, the exhibition hall will comprehensively display the advanced textile supply chain production process from raw materials to finished products. It includes not only the digital micro factory of texprocess exhibition, but also the functional textiles and clothing in the field of industrial textiles on techtextil.

The synergistic effect of the two exhibitions will be more prominent

In the last exhibition held in May 2017, techtextil and texprocess were on display at the same time, forming a good synergy. Techtextil has 1477 exhibitors from 55 countries, attracting more than 40000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries and regions; texprocess has 312 exhibitors from 35 countries, attracting more than 25000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries.


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