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2024 Changsha International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition in China

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As one of the most influential industrial automation robot exhibitions in China, it is renowned worldwide and showcases excellent solutions for intelligent automation and robot integration in factorie...


2024 Changsha International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition in China
2024 China Changsha International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition

Time: May 11-13, 2024
Location: Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center

Estimated scale:
80000+professional viewers
More than 50000 square meters of exhibition area
18 themes, 100+industry seminar activities
Conference Forum:
China Industrial Robotics Summit
China Automation Conference
"5G+Industrial Internet" Summit Forum
Intelligent Manufacturing Digital Innovation Forum
5G+Robot Technology Forum
Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Summit Forum
Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Ecological Forum
Scope of Exhibits:
1. Industrial robots and smart factories: Industrial robot machines (welding, spraying, palletizing, handling, assembly, warehousing, etc.), robot development platforms and software systems, mechanical vision, motors, controllers, mechanical arms and other accessories.
2. Industrial process control and components: Distributed control system DCS, programmable controller PLC, industrial control computer IPC, PC controller, frequency conversion controller, high and low voltage electrical appliances, industrial control power supply, various automatic intelligent control devices.
3. Factory automation equipment: dividers, indexing discs, turntables, turntables, CNC systems, automated machining centers, servo systems, reducers, power transmission and control equipment, robotic arms, dispensing machines, soldering machines, UV curing machines, robots, safety alarm systems and devices, CNC digital display equipment, industrial monitoring and visual systems.
4. Instruments and intelligent instrument devices: automation instruments, thermal instruments, automotive instruments, marine instruments, light industry instruments, electrical instruments, analytical instruments, geological instruments, various specialized instruments, scientific instruments, optical instruments, intelligent medical instruments, environmental protection instruments, electronic measuring instruments, teaching instruments, textile instruments, etc., on-site data collection and control intelligent instruments with communication and control algorithms, industrial Ethernet and industrial control network systems and products.
5. The application of information technology in automation and instrumentation: computer sound, image, graphics processing equipment, network technology, application configuration software, multimedia technology, virtual technology, virtual instruments, etc.
6. Integrated automation system and equipment: power electronic automation system, building automation system, fire and anti-theft security system, factory automation comprehensive system, hydraulic and pneumatic components of power transmission equipment, electric and mechanical transmission devices.
7. Integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing: Industry 4.0 integrated solutions for application industries such as automotive assembly, automotive component production, welding, 3C, machine tools, home appliances, packaging, pharmaceuticals, food, logistics, etc., including robot workstations and intelligent robot production lines.
Organizing Committee of 2024 Changsha Automation Robot Exhibition
Phone: 021-59781615
Contact person: Li Yan 13162209353
WeChat: 13162209353


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