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When the Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich opened in March, which areas attracted the most attention?

Publish Time: 2019-01-29   Hits: 45687 Editor: zixun2
Whether it is CES or Munich electronic exhibition, Chinese enterprises and visitors have become one of the main force of


Six key words of Shanghai Electronic Exhibition, Munich 2019

Key words 1 future car

Although 2018 is not so good for the automobile industry, with the increasing demand for automobile safety, comfort, intelligence and other aspects, electronization, informatization, networking and intellectualization are still the future development direction of automobile technology. The rapid development and application of 5g, AI and other technologies also bring a lot of imagination space for the development of automotive electronic technology.

Key word 2 Smart factory

Intelligent manufacturing is one of the key points for the global industrial industry to wake up. With the rapid development of 5g, AI, Internet of things and other technologies, intelligent manufacturing ushered in the first ray of sunshine in winter. According to the prediction of research institutions, the market scale of China's intelligent manufacturing industry will exceed 1900 billion yuan in 2019.

Keyword 3 AI

With the accelerated transition from the era of mobile Internet to artificial intelligence, the latest report of CB insights, a well-known research institution, points out that the development of AI is entering the "end" era, and terminals including mobile phones, cars and wearable devices will increasingly welcome the AI blessing.

Key words 4 IOT+

Since the concept of Internet of things has been put forward for more than 20 years, it has been gradually verified in a series of fields. The market segments of IOT + industry applications began to differentiate, with smart city, industrial Internet of things, Internet of vehicles and smart home becoming the mainstream market segments. The iterative evolution of new technologies related to the Internet of things, such as chips, intelligent recognition, sensors, blockchain, edge computing, etc., will accelerate the development of driving the application products of the Internet of things to the direction of intelligence, convenience, low power consumption and miniaturization.

Key words 5 starting base

In 2018, the Shanghai municipal government put forward the strategy of "building a global new product launch place". As an important part of Shanghai Information Expo, Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich will also be committed to building a launch base for electronic technology and innovative products.

Key words 6 China Power

Whether it is CES or Munich electronic exhibition, Chinese enterprises and visitors have become one of the main force of the exhibition in terms of scale, and Chinese power has also become an important driving force for the electronic industry. As the main venue of China's electronic enterprises, Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich will also focus on "China's power" to help Chinese electronic enterprises improve their strength and expand their influence.


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