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Lianyungang International Exhibition Center (Jinhai Exhibition Center)

Address:178 Haitang North Road, Lianyun District, Lianyungang City
Area:28000 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Lianyungang City-Lianyun District


Lianyungang International Exhibition Center is invested and built by the Provincial Department of economy and trade and the people's Government of Lianyungang City. The exhibition hall is built on the mountain with both sides facing the sea. The air is fresh and the environment is beautiful. With its magnificent momentum, perfect design and excellent facilities, Lianyungang International Exhibition center has become the city symbol of Lianyungang City. The center is 6km away from sumawan scenic area, 10km away from Huaguoshan scenic area, 40km away from the airport, 10km away from the railway station. Lianyungang Huozhou expressway, Ninglian Expressway and Tongsan expressway are connected in the city, so the traffic is very convenient. Hotels, hotels, conference centers around, business contacts and convenience. The first phase of Lianyungang International Exhibition Center was completed at the end of 2001, with a building area of 28000 square meters and a total investment of 170 million. There are 850 international standard booths and more than 30 office, negotiation and small conference rooms. Its main structure is a large-span space steel tube truss structure, with beautiful shape and ups and downs.  

The exhibition hall has complete hardware facilities, equipped with wireless network system, escalator, vertical freight elevator, 2 oil fired boilers, 3 water chillers, and automatic air conditioning, fire fighting, lighting, monitoring and audio systems. Each booth is equipped with power, lighting, telephone, data transmission and other terminals, and some booths are also equipped with compressed air and water terminals, which can meet all kinds of international and domestic exhibition needs. The second phase of the exhibition center to be constructed is a supporting project, with conference center, hotel, entertainment and other facilities. After the completion of the center, it will be a modern large-scale exhibition center that meets the requirements of international conferences and exhibitions and integrates multiple functions.

Exhibition hall scale
Lianyungang International Exhibition Center covers a net area of 80000 square meters, of which 28000 square meters have been built. The main equipment includes 10 escalators, 2 vertical freight elevators (5 tons), 2 1.2 million kcal oil fired boilers (imported from Italy), 3 450 cold ton water chillers and 1 105 cold ton screw unit (produced by York, USA). There are 1000 international standard booths indoor and 20000 square meters outdoor. Advanced functions and facilities can meet the needs of large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad.




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