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Harbin Economic and Trade Fair Hall

Address:No. 35, Meishun street, Nangang District, Harbin
Location:China-Heilongjiang Province-Harbin City-Nangang District


China Harbin Economic and Trade Fair is one of the national large-scale regional trade fairs approved by the Ministry of foreign economic relations and trade. It is held in Harbin, a famous city in North China, from June 15 to 21 every year. Since its establishment in 1990, it has been held for eight consecutive times. In order to further improve the negotiation environment and provide better service conditions for domestic and foreign merchants, the 9th Harbin Fair will be held in Harbin, China.  
Harbin Fair is sponsored by Heilongjiang provincial government and Harbin municipal government. It is a comprehensive fair that combines economy and trade, import and export. Every year, domestic and foreign businessmen from dozens of countries and regions in the world and more than 20 provinces and cities gather in Harbin to discuss trade and economic and technical cooperation. More than 5600 businessmen from more than 50 countries and regions attended the eighth Harbin Fair last year. With the strong support of colleagues from all over the country in the economic and trade circles, the Harbin Fair has achieved fruitful results. Over the past eight years, import and export contracts, economic and technical cooperation agreements and contracts totaled 35.577 billion US dollars.  
Heilongjiang Province is adjacent to Russia, with a border line of more than 3000 kilometers; Harbin is located in the center of Northeast Asia, which is an important commercial port to carry out trade with Russia. These advantaged conditions have brought great vitality to hacca. Kazakhstan Fair has become a bridge to Russia and the CIS market, providing rare cooperation opportunities for Chinese and foreign businessmen.  
In order to further implement the development goal of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee and provincial government of "linking the south to the north, opening up in all directions", and to let more people of insight from the economically developed southeast coastal areas come to Heilongjiang for investment and cooperation, develop and utilize the resource advantages of Heilongjiang, and jointly open up the international market, the Harbin Fair has also made remarkable achievements in recent years with the strong support of other provinces and cities As a result, a new climax has emerged in Nanlian, which has greatly promoted the opening up of beikai and all-round development.  
Harbin has a pleasant climate, convenient water, land and air transportation, and rapid infrastructure construction, all of which provide you with satisfactory, comfortable and high-quality services.  
People of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin warmly welcome you to attend the 9th China Harbin Economic and trade fair!




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