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2024 Vietnam Pingyang International Battery Products Exhibition

Publish Time: 2024-02-02   Hits: 492445 Editor: zixun1
2024 Vietnam Pingyang International Battery Products Exhibition...


2024 Vietnam Pingyang International Battery Products Exhibition

Exhibition date: May 8-10, 2024

Exhibition period: once a year

Exhibition location: World Trade Exhibition Center in Pingyang, Vietnam


Vietnam Advertising and Commercial Promotion Co., Ltd., World Trade Center Pingyang Co., Ltd., Kangfa International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Pingyang Industrial Zone Management Bureau

Co organizer:

Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Mechanical and Electrical Association

Chinese exhibitors:

Guangxi Shengxinhong Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

Exhibition Introduction

The Vietnam International Battery Industry Exhibition - EMA VIETNAM is an annual flagship industrial event held in Vietnam, based on the rapid development of Vietnam's industrialization and modernization process, and the industry is also showing a growing momentum. It enjoys a high reputation in Vietnam. The purpose of holding an EMA is to create conditions for domestic and foreign exhibitors to showcase new products, equipment, and technologies. It is also an excellent platform for exhibitors to seek cooperation opportunities, attract investment, transfer technology, promote trade, and improve production and business efficiency.

The last exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 15000 square meters, attracted about 400 exhibitors from Vietnam, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Türkiye, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more than a dozen other countries and regions. Vietnam's local exhibitors accounted for 38%, and foreign exhibitors accounted for 62%, with a high degree of internationalization. The number of professional visitors during the exhibition exceeded 20000, and the on-site intended transaction volume exceeded 65 million US dollars, achieving good results and receiving unanimous praise from exhibitors.

Exhibition scope:

1. Battery (Cell&Pack):

◆ Power batteries: various types of square, cylindrical, soft pack lithium-ion power batteries, battery cells, modules and PACKs, solid-state batteries, supercapacitors, sodium batteries, air batteries, as well as power battery cascading utilization, recycling and dismantling technologies, battery warehousing and logistics equipment and service providers;

◆ 3C digital batteries, intelligent terminals, robots, Internet of Things, TWS earphones and other fields of batteries/PACK and various new types of batteries: including various lithium-ion batteries, polymer batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, button batteries, paper batteries, as well as zinc based, sodium based, manganese based, lithium sulfur, high nickel, rich lithium and other new types of batteries and special batteries;

BMS protection board, battery control system, thermal management system, fuse, fire extinguishing device, battery monitoring system, etc;

2. Energy storage technology:

◆ Energy storage batteries: nickel hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lead-acid batteries, smart batteries, sodium batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, supercapacitors, renewable fuel cells, flow batteries, etc;

◆ Energy storage systems and solutions: new energy storage cabinets, container energy storage power station systems, portable mobile energy storage, outdoor energy storage, household energy storage, commercial energy storage, energy storage ESS systems, off grid/grid connected energy storage systems, microgrids, distributed energy, EMS, BMS, energy storage inverters, energy internet technology, UPS systems, photovoltaic energy storage systems, integrated photovoltaic energy storage and charging systems, as well as embedded energy storage, flywheel energy storage, etc;

3. Battery materials and accessories:

Lithium battery materials include positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolytes and additives, conductive materials, battery separators, aluminum-plastic films, protective films, copper foils, aluminum foils, tapes, sealants, insulation materials, as well as material processing equipment and analysis and testing instruments;

Graphene, nanomaterials, graphene preparation technology and equipment, instruments, etc;

◆ Battery casing, pole ears, caps, brackets, connectors, nickel strips, wiring harnesses, chargers, and component processing equipment, etc;

4. Battery equipment:

Lithium batteries are equipped with grinding, stirring, coating, rolling, slitting, slicing, winding, assembly, baking, shell insertion, dehumidification, liquid injection, sealing, welding, formation, as well as intelligent module lines for lithium batteries, PACK sorting, machine vision, spot welding, coating, grading, assembly, testing, packaging and other equipment, as well as environmental protection equipment, specialized storage, warehousing and transportation equipment.

5. Solid state batteries:

◆ Solid state and mixed solid-liquid electrolyte power lithium batteries, energy storage batteries, and flexible batteries, etc;

Solid electrolyte materials, positive and negative electrode materials for solid-state batteries, solid electrolyte separators, and other materials and technologies;

Solid state battery production equipment and testing equipment, etc.

Exhibition contact: Zhou Yunong 13647815672


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