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Lithium industry enters a new era, and the 2019 Shanghai lithium industry exhibition makes another success

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 15278 Editor: zixun2
With the support of national policies, energy storage has become another hot area of lithium battery application, attrac


In 2019, with the advancement of the times, the field of new energy vehicles has entered the "post subsidy era". In addition, the price of upstream raw materials has soared, and downstream vehicle manufacturers continue to reduce the price. The power battery industry in the middle of the industrial chain is facing the "industry reshuffle period". On the other hand, for the first time, energy density of battery system is introduced as the threshold and reference standard of subsidy in the new policy subsidy, which also forces power battery enterprises to face the pressure of transforming products, technical routes and even production lines.

Under the new subsidy policy, improving the safety performance, energy density, rate performance, cycle life and other indicators of the battery has become an important competitiveness. In addition, with the support of national policies, energy storage has become another hot area of lithium battery application, attracting a lot of capital investment. So, what is the current situation and Prospect of lithium industry in China? What are the new technologies and products? What are the future innovations and breakthroughs?

In this context, the 2019 Shanghai lithium battery exhibition, which is sponsored by China Electric Power Research Institute, new energy automobile association, Zhejiang battery industry association and Xinxiang battery power Association, will be held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall from May 6 to 8, 2019. The exhibition will gather many lithium battery import and export traders, agents, dealers and international works from all over the world The exhibition will also hold the exchange stage of China Lithium Battery Industry Summit Forum on the spot. The exhibition will invite famous experts such as national government leaders, batteries, operators, equipment and solution providers to participate in the exhibition and explore the industry together Hot topics and cutting-edge technologies provide the best platform for participating enterprises to expand diversified businesses.

Conference topics

Development direction of advanced lithium battery technology in the future

Data release and future prospect of lithium ion battery market in China and the world

The subject and corresponding technology of lithium battery echelon utilization

Opening of high energy density battery system

Ten questions need to be answered when lithium industry enters the watershed


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