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Beijing Museum of nature

Address:126 Tianqiao South st, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Area:21000 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Dongcheng District



The Beijing Museum of nature is located in the overpass area on the central axis of the south city of the capital. It is backed by the world cultural heritage Tiantan Park. Facing the modern overpass performance area, it has a special cultural environment. Her predecessor was the Preparatory Office of the Central Museum of nature, which was founded in April 1951. In 1962, it was officially named Beijing Museum of nature.

Beijing Natural History Museum is the first large natural history museum built by new China on its own. It is mainly engaged in specimen collection, scientific research and scientific popularization in the fields of paleontology, animals, plants and anthropology. The museum has been named as "national popular science education base" and "Beijing popular science education, research and development, media base" by the Central Propaganda Department and Beijing municipal government, as "science and peace education base" by the UNESCO China Organizing Committee, and as a national first-class Museum by the State Administration of culture and materials in 2008. In 2012, the ranking of the national first-class museum operation evaluation ranked fifth in the National Museum and first in the natural science and Technology Museum.

The Beijing Nature Museum covers an area of more than 15000 square meters, a building area of more than 21000 square meters, and an exhibition hall area of more than 10000 square meters. Among the buildings of the Beijing Museum of nature, the most mysterious one is the tianjiabing building, a specimen building jointly invested by Hong Kong industrialist Mr. tianjiabing and the Beijing municipal government, which contains more than 270000 specimens. Many of the specimens are unique at home and abroad, such as the Chinese Jurassic mother, the Chinese Jurassic animal, the hellenian ornithosaurus that has recovered the color of its feathers, the only MOA specimen preserved in China, etc.; also include the world-famous fossil of the skull of the Yellow River elephant, the 26 meter long giant well researched mamenxi dragon, the only dinosaur mummy fossil in China, the polar bear Rhinoceros and so on. In the museum, there are also some gift specimens given to Chinese leaders by friends from all over the world, such as the precious latimey specimen given to Comrade Jiang Zemin by President Comoros during his visit to China, the Asian elephant specimen given to Comrade Mao Zedong by President Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam in the early years, and the crocodile specimen transferred by Comrade Jude. Among them, the more precious one is the bone specimen of MOA presented to China by the National Museum of Canterbury, New Zealand. This kind of giant bird on earth was extinct on our planet in 1885, and this specimen is also the only MOA specimen preserved in China.

In order to better display these precious specimens to the public, the basic display of Beijing nature museum takes biological evolution as the main line, displays the biodiversity and the relationship with the environment, and constructs a panoramic picture of the occurrence and development of life on the earth. The exhibition hall of paleontology shows us the origin and early evolution of living things. Through the trace of fossils, people seem to see extinct creatures again. The remains of these creatures seem to lead people through time and space, listening to the voice from the distant Archaean; and the plant exhibition hall is like a green epic, describing the evolution of plants for billions of years. From aquatic to plant landing, even the blooming of a flower, even the spread of a seed, all contain countless mysteries, leaving us countless questions; the animal exhibition hall tells us the mysteries of these "human friends", which restore and reappear the world's most representative wild animals and their ecological environment, and vividly show us animals The beauty of the animal kingdom, the magic of the human exhibition hall, let us see the magnificent history of human origin. From ape to man, it took thousands of years to have today's appearance. The birth of a person, seemingly ordinary, but shows the uncanny workmanship of nature.

Beijing nature museum has never been a boring preaching place. According to the psychological characteristics of young people, the newly opened interactive science popularization and education activity place for exploring the mysteries of nature has attracted numerous young people who love nature. "Animal human friend", "dinosaur park" and so on, let children explore nature and love science in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the regular exhibitions, the Beijing Museum of nature has launched a variety of temporary theme exhibitions from time to time, such as "mammoth", "Da Vinci technology", "the mystery of human body" and "animal zodiac" exhibitions launched for more than ten years in a row, which have had a great impact.

Based on the capital, facing the whole country and looking at the world, the Beijing Museum of nature has made many elaborate professional exhibitions abroad. The "China dinosaur exhibition" has been successively exhibited in Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Finland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy, New Caledonia and many other countries and regions. The international popularity of the museum has been further improved Ascension.

To show the magic of nature to the public vividly, the efforts of researchers are indispensable. Beijing nature museum has a scientific research team with a rigorous and vigorous attitude, as well as animal, plant, paleontology laboratory and a number of advanced equipment. In recent years, the museum has undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation. It has published many representative scientific research monographs and popular science books, published dozens of papers in core journals, and found that the oldest known placental mammal, the first time to restore the color of feathers of feathered dinosaurs and other achievements have been published in The world famous academic journal Nature and science.

Beijing nature museum uses its own advantages to hold characteristic science popularization activities on a regular basis. The 19th Beijing biology knowledge contest for primary and secondary schools has been organized successively. Nearly 100000 students participate in the contest every year. At the same time, various popular science lectures, biology teacher training courses, small commentator training, museum night, small Corps biology summer camp, science popularization car and other popular activities are held, which are deeply loved by children.

As the national first-class Museum and the National Youth popular science education base, Beijing nature museum has always adhered to the concept of popularizing scientific knowledge and serving the public. It has always been on the basis of doing well in specimen collection, scientific research, exhibition and scientific popularization, making great efforts to make use of its own advantages to develop innovation, forge ahead and constantly present more and better excellent works To give audience friends and play an active leading role in the spread of public welfare culture.




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