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In 2020, Yiwu social e-commerce Expo is in hot competition, and the pre registration channel is officially opened!

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Founded in 2011, China International E-commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo is scheduled to be held in Yiwu Internationa


From business to e-commerce, in a few years, relying on the power of the Internet, Yiwu has made a magnificent turn and opened an era of rapid progress in the e-commerce industry. The new economic wave of e-commerce is surging in Yiwu. The huge offline market has laid the foundation for the development of online transactions, and the integration of online and offline channels is inevitable here.


borrowYiwu e-commerce market, where China International E-commerce fair stands out, has now developed into a benchmark exhibition in the field of e-commerce at home and abroad. The exhibition scale, exhibition level, exhibition effect and other indicators rank first in domestic exhibitions of the same industry, and have been rated as "one of the best" for several consecutive years"China's top ten brand professional exhibition" is the best platform for domestic e-commerce enterprise image display, new product promotion, trade negotiation and information dissemination.

Founded in 2011, China International E-commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo is scheduled to be held in Yiwu International Expo Center from April 11 to 13 every year, under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and jointly held by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, China international e-commerce center, China Electronic chamber of Commerce and Yiwu Municipal People's government.


On April 11-13, 2020, China International E-commerce Expo will come again!


At that time, a large number of authoritative experts will come to talk about the leading and transformation of e-commerce development to the economy; thousands of e-commerce enterprises will gather together to participate in the e-commerce event and create infinite wealth.

With the theme of "new era of Digital Trade and new opportunities of e-commerce", the 2020 e-commerce Expo has five pavilions, covering an exhibition area of more than 50000 square meters. It has eight exhibition areas, including digital commerce, well-known e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce demonstration city / demonstration base / demonstration enterprise, e-commerce service enterprise, community e-commerce / mobile Internet, rural e-commerce and brand online goods There are more than 150000 professional visitors.


The exhibition will be held in the same period2020 world e-commerce ecological conference, new retail international summit of social e-commerce and other activities, strive to build a good platform for digital commerce communication and e-commerce resources docking, e-commerce demonstration city and brand enterprise display platform, gather the authority of e-commerce industry, and cooperate to build a broad platform for digital economy.


In addition, the Expo will also set up a live stage of online red, invite online Red celebrities with tens of millions of fans to come to the scene, bring goods to live, and challenge the single live transaction amount of more than 100 million yuan!

In 2020, ecfair's recruitment and investment promotion work has been launched in an all-round way, and major enterprises have seized the dominant booth, and the booth reservation is in hot progress! In addition, the pre registration channel has been officially opened. Add VX: Helen 13676480854 to easily complete the pre registration.

Warmly welcome enterprises to sign up for the exhibition and visit. On April 11-13, 2020, in Yiwu, an e-commerce people's carnival is coming!


——————Review of 2019 China International E-commerce Expo——————


2019 China International E-commerce Expo, with the theme of "new opportunities for e-commerce in the new era of digital trade", has set up digital trade exhibition area, well-known e-commerce platform exhibition area, cross-border e-commerce exhibition area, rural e-commerce exhibition area, brand online goods exhibition area, etc., with a total exhibition area of 50000 square meters and 2232 international standard booths, attracting the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore, Australia A total of 1135 enterprises from 10 countries including Malaysia, Nigeria, Colombia, Brazil and 24 provinces (districts and cities) in China actively participated in the exhibition.


There are 136 cross-border e-commerce enterprises participating in the exhibition, including Alibaba, JD, Baidu, vipshop, Lanting Jishi, Google, Amazon, lazada, shopee, wish, Japan GMO and other well-known e-commerce platforms at home and abroad.


Exhibition of some previous exhibitors


In addition to enterprises, the Expo also attracted a large number of domestic and foreign e-commerce practitioners' attention. During the Expo, 159505 e-commerce practitioners from 35 countries and regions visited and negotiated on the spot, an increase of 5% compared with the same period last year. Among them, 66.1% of the participants were from outside Yiwu. A total of 60136 cooperation intentions were reached at the Expo site, up 8.5% year on year.


The 2019 world e-commerce conference held at the same time of the exhibition planned 28 keynote speeches and 2 dialogues, with 3120 participants. Alibaba, JD and other Chinese enterprises have conducted extensive exchanges and discussions with e-commerce enterprises from more than ten countries on hot issues in the industry.

Two thousand and nineteenWorld e-commerce Conference


At the same time, the Expo also held 22 events, including 2019 China e-commerce innovation and Development Summit, 2019 China e-commerce industry integration summit, digital economy new engine and blockchain technology innovation application summit, 2019 world e-commerce conference, with 19326 participants.


The profound influence of the Expo in and out of the industry has also attracted the media at home and abroad to report. CCTV, people's daily, Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, phoenix.com, China Economic Net, guangming.com, tencent.com, sina.com and other domestic mainstream media reported the Expo in an all-round way at the first time.

media coverage


The blueprint has been drawn. It's time to forge ahead. With the continuous expansion of the Expo's influence, China International E-commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo has become the first choice for e-commerce platform operators, e-commerce practitioners, network celebrities and various celebrities to seek business opportunities and exchange and cooperation. More and more e-commerce enterprises take the Expo as an important stage to promote their characteristics and show their strength.


——————Advantages of China International E-commerce Expo——————


1、 Yiwu cross border e-commerce comprehensive test area has been completed and upgraded to "buy and sell globally"

In recent years, Yiwu actively complies with the national import expansion strategy, actively plans to layout the import industry, vigorously cultivates and actively creates import trade as a strategic emerging industry"Buy global, sell global" small commodity market, build Yiwu cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area.

With the expansion and upgrading of Yiwu's import industry, Yiwu's market has become increasingly attractive to cross-border e-commerce source procurement. At present, a number of national cross-border e-commerce leading enterprises are interested in establishing procurement centers in Yiwu, and member enterprises of foreign trade e-commerce industry organizations in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have also started to enter Yiwu for direct procurement.


Two, "Internet + rural", Yiwu rural electric business has become a new engine of economy.

In recent years, the impact of e-commerce on rural life has been obvious, and the emergence of more and more Taobao villages across the country is a good proof. stayDriven by the tide of "Internet +", Jingdong and Alibaba electric giants began to seize the opportunities in the rural market, plus the policy level to support the introduction of good profits, and encourage logistics, warehousing, capital and channels to sink deeper into the rural market. The rural electricity supplier market showed a prosperous scene. In the forefront of e-commerce development, Yiwu also grasped tightly. Opportunities from rural e-commerce.


3、 Seize the market share of the terminal and open the era of community E-commerce

Community e-commerce fromStarted in 2010, after years of development, by 2019, it has been a hundred schools of thought. In order to better serve the community residents, the new retail mode began to enter the community, and community e-commerce began to rise. So far, many enterprises have entered the community, opening the era of community e-commerce.

In addition, community E-commerceO2o model breaks the ceiling of e-commerce to suppress traditional retail, which is bound to become another measure for traditional retail to resist the impact of e-commerce in the future. In the era of mobile Internet, the online and offline interaction in the field of life consumption is a new business model, which is the key factor to seize the market share of e-commerce terminal.


4、 Yiwu's unique small commodity market

Yiwu is the world's largest small commodity circulation center and purchasing base, radiatingMore than 180 countries and regions, marketing Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other places. Among them, the export volume of products in crafts, jewelry, hardware, glasses and other advantageous industries accounts for more than 70% of the sales volume of the industry, and more than 60% of the export-oriented market attracts buyers from more than 200 countries and regions. Now there are more than 5000 foreign businessmen in Yiwu, and the export products of Yiwu are continuously sold all over the world.


5、 E-commerce in Yiwu presents a trend of "blowout"

As an outstanding representative of the digital economy, e-commerce shows unprecedented development potential in promoting consumption, maintaining growth, adjusting structure and promoting transformation. It also provides broad development space for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and becomes an important driving force for China to cope with the downward trend of economy and drive the innovation and development of economic and social development.

In recent years, China's e-commerce has continued to develop rapidly, and various new forms of business have emerged. According to the survey,In the first half of 2019, the total amount of online retail in China has reached 19 trillion yuan, accounting for 24.7% of the total amount of social retail. It is estimated that the total transaction scale of e-commerce in China will exceed 30 trillion yuan in 2019.

In addition, Amazon, Lanting Jishi, borrow and sell network and other platforms have set up purchasing centers in Yiwu, and Dunhuang network has settled in Yiwu for construction"Global online goods center", yizanpu settled in Yiwu to build "Yiwu cross-border e-commerce retail platform", Yiwu e-commerce is bound to show a "blowout" development trend in the future.


6、 National level exhibition platform, Yiwu exhibition industry marketization gradually into the fast lane

Yiwu, after reaping the highest honor of the small commodity Kingdom, the exhibition industry has become another business card of the city. Exhibition+Tourism, exhibition + culture, exhibition + sports, exhibition + Internet, exhibition + Forum and other modes are developing vigorously, showing a good situation of mutual promotion, and actively exploring new directions of exhibition development, so as to provide sustainable power for the economic development of Yiwu.

The developed market system has created a developed modern service industry. Now, the market-oriented and professional ability of Yiwu exhibition is constantly improving, and the way of building local professional exhibition brands is gradually on the way"Fast track", the industry association's enthusiasm for holding exhibitions is increasing, and with multiple channels, new products, new technologies, new information and new merchants are continuously introduced for market prosperity.


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