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2024 Vietnam (Hanoi) Lubricants and Application Technology Exhibition

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2024 Vietnam (Hanoi) Lubricants and Application Technology Exhibition...


2024 Vietnam (Hanoi) Lubricants and Application Technology Exhibition

Exhibition date: October 17-19, 2024

Exhibition period: once a year

Exhibition location: Vietnam International Exhibition Center (ICE)


Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Industry Agency, Vietnam Industrial Development Center, Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, Hanoi Municipal People's Committee

Undertaking unit:

Vietnam CIS Advertising Expo Co., Ltd

Co organizer:

Vietnam Supports Industry Association, US Agency for International Development, International Finance Corporation - World Bank Group

Chinese exhibitors:

Guangxi Shengxinhong Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

Exhibition Introduction

The Vietnam International Lubricants and Application Technology Exhibition - VIMEXPO is personally approved by the Vietnamese Prime Minister and sponsored and guided by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is the largest, most well-known, influential, and popular industrial event in Vietnam, a key brand exhibition promoted by Vietnam, and the flagship exhibition of Vietnam Industry 4.0. The exhibition has received strong support from various Vietnamese ministries and the People's Government of Hanoi, bringing together manufacturing leaders from around the world. The annual exhibition attracts attention from peers both domestically and internationally due to its good reputation and extensive promotion. VIMEXPO 2023 will be held at the Vietnam International Exhibition Center (ICE), with an exhibition area of 15000 square meters; 350 exhibitors, with foreign companies accounting for approximately 60%; Local Vietnamese enterprises account for approximately 40%. During the exhibition period, the number of attendees reached 25000, with a professional audience rate of up to 70%. Enterprises from more than ten countries and regions including Vietnam, China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. participated in and conducted multilateral trade negotiations, with on-site transaction amounts exceeding 120 million US dollars. For Chinese companies aspiring to expand into the Vietnamese and ASEAN markets, VIMEXPO is an excellent platform that cannot be missed.

Exhibition scope:

1. Lubricating oil and grease for vehicles and ships: diesel, engine oil, lubricating grease, vehicle gear oil, marine lubricating oil, motorcycle lubricating oil;

2. Industrial lubricating oils and greases: hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil, vacuum pump oil, transmission oil, electrical oil, rubber specific oil, guide rail oil, thermal oil, refrigeration oil, chain oil, food * lubricating oil, bearing oil, transformer oil, shock absorber oil, high-temperature lubricating oil, general oil, knitting oil, damping oil, metal quencher, equipment grease, other industrial oils, etc;

3. Additives: antioxidant and anti-corrosion agents, anti-wear and pressure agents, catalysts, antioxidant and anti glue agents, thickeners, rust inhibitors, pour point depressants, demulsifiers, metal passivators, viscosity index improvers, defoaming and anti foaming agents, composite agents, pH regulators, pressure agents, cleaning dispersants, other additives, etc;

4. Base oil: mineral base oil, synthetic base oil, vegetable base oil;

5. Metal cutting fluid: water-soluble cutting fluid, oil-based cutting fluid, volatile stamping oil, other cutting fluids;

6. Related instruments: analytical instruments for lubricating oil, testing experimental instruments, simulation benches, etc.

7. Production, packaging, filling, label printing, blending equipment and evaluation testing instruments for lubricating oil, as well as comprehensive lubrication technology, evaluation methods and quality control technology;

8. Lubrication system and equipment: lubrication system design, development, maintenance, and related environmental protection treatment supporting equipment, etc;

9. Maintenance supplies: antifreeze, brake fluid, coolant, brake oil, anti-wear agent, cleaning fuel additive, cleaning agent, brightener, cleaning agent, glass anti fog agent, glass repair agent, car paint, paint surface protective film, carbon cleaner, refrigerant, snow seed, anti-wear agent, anti-corrosion agent enhancer, improver, leak repair agent, low-temperature starting agent, adhesive, sealant and other internal and external maintenance supplies.

Exhibition contact: Zhou Yunong 13647815672 (same WeChat account)

Please call to request detailed information!


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