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Taipei video game exhibition will move to a higher scale in 2020

Publish Time: 2019-01-29   Hits: 20297 Editor: zixun2
As the first international game exhibition in Asia, Taipei video game exhibition is not only the most important communic


The 17th Taipei video game exhibition closed yesterday. For the first time this year, it was expanded to be held in the first and third pavilions of the world trade center. At the same time, the host Taipei Computer Association announced the results of "player area", "business area" and "APGs Asia Pacific Game Summit", and predicted that it would be moved to the South Hong Kong Exhibition Hall in 2020 to create a higher, diversified, exquisite and high-specification exhibition content.

This year, 2144 booths will be used in the player area, business area, board amusement park, indie house and the first vendor area of the first Pavilion. The four-day exhibition period will attract 320000 visitors. In the player area, the exhibition not only covers console, mobile, PC / online, VR and other multiple platforms. A large number of software and hardware manufacturers are also stationed in the e-games, including Rog player Republic, aorus gigabyte, hyperx, yaoyue and other brands. In addition to the latest geforce RTX series, NVIDIA, which has joined for the first time, also plans several live main battle events, such as "decisive moment: Black action 4" and "battlefield situation 5".

As the first international game exhibition in Asia, Taipei video game exhibition is not only the most important communication platform in the Asia Pacific region, but also the place for strategists of various manufacturers. During the exhibition, Taipei video game exhibition has chosen to publish the cultural news and the listing date of the major works first, including Sony interactive entertainment "heart of the Kingdom 3" in Taiwan, and South Dream Palace Entertainment "SD gundam g g" in Taiwan Generation hot line, Sega games, Kathleen full body and other famous games IP.

In this business district, game related players from 24 countries around the world come to Taiwan to look for matchmaking opportunities. 60% of the total number of overseas exhibitors are from Japan, South Korea, the mainland, Hong Kong and Singapore, ranking among the top five overseas exhibitors.

This year, the organizer will standardize the venue with the concept of "focus distribution". According to the needs of players, the exhibition hotspots of previous years will be scattered, and the console, mobile, PC / online and E-sports brands will be concentrated in the world trade center one. The independent game, board game and vendor areas will be moved to the three pavilions, so as to separate the entry ways of different customers and solve the influence of the moving line caused by the arrangement of stage activities in the past The situation. Under the effective diversion design, nearly 400000 visitors can flow smoothly in and out of the venue. Players can also go to different exhibition areas or pavilions according to the game platform to have a better trial experience. In addition to the planning of focus distribution mode, the venue is also divided into two exhibition areas, i.e. world trade one and three pavilions. In view of the number of exhibitors, players and the increasing media at home and abroad, the venue is expected to be moved to Nangang Exhibition Hall from February 6 to 9, 2020, with more than 3000 booths, high and spacious space, to provide a higher standard of game experience.


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