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Shanghai World Trade Center Exhibition Hall

Address:Shanghai World Trade mall, No.99 Xingyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai (Loushanguan Road Xingyi Road)
Area:280000 M²
Location:China-Shanghai City-Changning District


Shanghai World Trade mall is located in the golden area of Shanghai Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, with Yan'an viaduct in the south, Wanli Hotel on the Yangtze River and Sheraton Pacific Hotel in the north, and about 10 minutes' drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It has a unique geographical location. With a construction area of 280000 square meters and a total investment of US $300 million, Shanghai World Trade mall is jointly invested and built by several overseas Chinese. It is the only foreign-funded project among the top ten "key projects" of Shanghai municipal government. It was started in 1994 and officially opened to the outside world at the end of 1999.

Shanghai World Trade mall is located in Shanghai Hongqiao Economic Development Zone. It is composed of three main buildings: Exhibition and Trade Center, Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Hall and Shanghai World Trade Building. It is a super trading market integrating exhibition, trading, office and information. It is a super trading market at home and abroad

Business and professional buyers to provide first-class, international level facilities and services.

Shanghai World Trade mall is a comprehensive shopping mall on Yan'an west road. It is close to Gubei Road. The location of their home is very superior. It is located in the business district of Hongqiao Development Zone. It is not far from Xujiahui and Tianshan Road business district. There are many public transportation lines around, and the subway line 10 is directly accessible. The transportation is very convenient, so their home Our business is still good. Shanghai World Trade mall has been open for a long time, so their environment is only average, but it is relatively clean, but the overall layout is not particularly good, only the shopping place and office building, sometimes their home will hold exhibitions, so it feels like their home is an exhibition hall. Their things are very good, the quality and quality are very guaranteed; their service is also very good, and the attitude of the salesperson is quite friendly. When there is an exhibition in their home, the popularity will be a little bit more prosperous. Usually, the popularity is just so.


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