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Harbin Exhibition Hall

Address:No. 50, Hongjun street, Nangang District, Harbin
Location:China-Heilongjiang Province-Harbin City-Nangang District


Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, formerly known as Moscow shopping mall, was founded in 1906 and is one of the earliest shopping malls in Harbin. Exactly 90 years ago, following the Church of Saint Nicholas in the central square of Nangang, a second building, the Moscow mall, was built on the west side of the square. It seems to provide a leisure shopping place for people returning from mass, which integrates spiritual and material needs. With the completion of Qiulin Commercial Bank (built in 1908 since 1904) and Zhongshan shopping mall of Qiulin company, Nangang District Central Square has become a veritable cultural and commercial center with strong breath. Because of its excellent and important geographical location and elegant image, Moscow mall has become an important interface of the square. The sprawling Moscow shopping mall is like a red and yellow ribbon, elaborately decorated with square skirts. When the sun shines on the back of the building, the square casts a vivid shadow - the sharp dome, the scattered outline, just like the castle reflection in the dream, adding a romantic atmosphere to the square.

As the building is located in the west corner of the square, the left side is today's Manzhouli street, and the right side is today's Red Army Street. The landscape effect of the two streets should be considered, so the plane layout and facade treatment of the building have been carefully designed. The plane of the building is a symmetrical composition of broken lines, which is composed of three standard sections and two connecting bodies. The left and right wings of the building are adjacent to Manzhouli street and Hongjun street, each of which has five bays; the central part of the building is adjacent to the square, which has two double bays and one single bay, which has three units in total; the two corners each have a turning angle connecting body, so the whole building is composed of these 15 bays. What's interesting is that this layout makes the building It looks more like a group of shops in a commercial street than a comprehensive mall. The reason is that the 15 units of the building have their own independent entrances and exits and staircases, just like the standard room of the hotel building, which can be closed into a whole. There is no connection between the units. Entering from one unit to another can only be from separate entrances. They do not disturb each other and act on their own. It's hard to say whether the layout is reasonable or not. The advantage lies in the example of decentralized and independent operation, but there are obvious disadvantages.

In the following two years, the layout of Qiulin commercial bank was totally different from that of Qiulin commercial bank. As a comprehensive shopping mall, the latter began to show the clue of modern shopping mall. When the Moscow shopping mall was built, the functions of each unit were different, including cloth shop, enamel product shop, telegraph office, etc. Until June 1923, the museum affiliated to the East Provincial Institute of cultural relics occupied part of the Moscow shopping mall as the exhibition hall; in October 1923, the Middle East Railway Puyu middle school was founded in the Moscow shopping mall (now the predecessor of Harbin No.3 middle school). After the completion of the new school in 1924, immediately after the liberation, the Moscow shopping mall, as the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, has been used for 90 years, and the former business The site has become today's Museum. Although its functions are different, the architecture is still elegant.  




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